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Hi. I have a confession question. Let me first say that I have OCD with scrupulosity. I had to confess a mortal sin after not going to confession for many years. I went to confession and confessed it. I was very nervous and embarrassed the priest would think badly of me. Due to high embarrassment and worrying about what the priest would think of me, I left out two other mortal sins. I felt so bad about this so I went back the next week and told the situation and reconfessed to a different priest. The reason I feel so bad is because I didn’t tell the second priest I was going to a different priest on purpose because I was so ashamed of myself. I feel I sort of led that second priest to think what he wanted to think. My question is should I go back and tell the first priest I did this? This happened a year and a half ago. Thanks for listening.


The object of your concern is that you didn’t tell the second priest that you were going to a different priest. That is not a requirement. You only have to tell a confessor the sin(s), how many times, and any necessary circumstances, and indicate your contrition and intention to reform. Since there was no sin involved in forgetting, and you absolved both times, I see nothing else left to do.


Thank you for your reply. It is greatly appreciated!


If one forgets a mortal sin but where contrite etc and meant to confess all ones mortal sins -one would mention what was forgotten in the next confession.

If one hides a mortal sin or the number of times – then yes one would confess that one did that (hid the sins)- and confess the mortal sins that were confessed and the hidden mortal sins.

It need not though be to the same Priest. It can be to a different Priest.

If your struggling with scrupulosity as you note – it is important for the future to have a regular confessor who knows your soul and your scrupulosity. Such is key. He can guide you.

Remember too always that Priests have heard far worse --many many things they have heard…

and Jesus is the Good Shepherd who loves us and gives us* true life*-- and restores that life in confession if we fall into mortal sin - picking us up onto his shoulders and healing us.


Thank you so much! You give great advice and I really appreciate it!


So even if I didn’t tell the second priest, and said “When I came to confession last week” making him think I might have had spoken to him I don’t have to go back and confess again? Sorry, this is where my scrupulosity takes me. It is really awful.


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