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I am wondering about this; If you keep sinning mortally, but go to confession numerous times to try and stop, but keep sinning from temptation; is it possible to not be forgiven of that sin anymore? Unless through perfect contrition?

I am struggling with impurity, and I was wondering this.


As long as you are truly sorry, you will be forgiven; for as long as it takes.




I agree with Catholic1954…It is your intent that counts!:wink:


Yes. And it is common that people go back and back for the same sins. And those sins are not really unique. It is worth noting that a priest can judge your repentance as not serious if you do not appear to be trying to stop the sin.


I once remarked to a priest how discouraged I felt because I had to keep confessing the same sin(s), every single confession. His response was: Well, at least you don’t have any new ones!

My advice to you (not that you asked): avoid the near occasion of this sin (whether it’s internet, or being alone, whatever). Without that near occasion, it is easier to avoid that sin.


It’s not often that a Patriots fan will agree with a Steelers fan, but your post hits the nail on the head. Very well done.

As others have remarked, we keep trying to climb the mountain until we reach the peak - no matter how many times we fall off the mountain.


One thing that really helps is when you feel the temptation to sin, start reciting the Our Father and/or Hail Mary multiple times until the temptation goes away.


I’m going to have to remember that next time I’m in the confession line.

At least I’m not trying anything new!


Many, many (maybe most) of us struggle with particular failings. As long as you sincerely intend to try to avoid them, you are forgiven no matter how many times you do it.
I would advise, though, that you not use that as an excuse but would sincerely try to avoid them.

Remember that God Loves you more than you can imagine and wants you to be Happy with Him forever. He knows your heart.

God Bless you.


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