Confession Question

I went to confession on Saturday I took some time before I left home to jot some things down. I didn’t take too long because it has only been 2 weeks. I went to confession and said the things on my list. As soon as I got out into the church I remembered a couple of things/ details that I could have added. I had confessed gossip, but there was a certain event of gossip/sharing in particular that I should have mentioned that could have been a mortal sin. I am never sure when gossip is a mortal sin or not. I have a bad habit of it so I tell it every time. But I’m thinking this particular event was more likely mortal. I didn’t intentionally leave it out and I didn’t think of it when I was writing my list, but I feel if I had taken more time in my examination I would have remembered it. It was sloppiness on my part that I missed it but I didn’t intentionally leave it out. Did I invalidate my confession? Should I not go to communion?

If it’s a mortal sin it has to be said in confession. About forgetting sins -all venial sins are forgiven. If you forget to mention -mortal sins are forgiven . But you have to go to confession at the next possible opportunity and still confess it. If you remembered in church you’re supposed to go back into the confession box again while in church if that’s possible. If you didn’t remember until you got home -then you are to say it at your next confession and can get communion if you don’t get a chance to get confession in the meanwhile.

If you’re not sure, go to mass don’t receive communion, confess during the week.

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