Confession question


In my next confession, I was wondering if lets say I want to say ‘I lied many times’, should I say ‘many times’ in past as well since before my last confession i lied many times? Hope that makes sense.

Also, if I have thought or said ‘Oh my G–’ should I Confess exactly what I said or would that be saying God’s name in vain? Can I just say say ‘G’?

Thank you!


Confession is for sins committed since your last confession. The exception being mortal sins that were previously forgotten (have not yet been mentioned in confession). You should not be dwelling on past venial sins.

If these lies are mortal sins (which lies commonly are not) that have not been previously confessed, then you need to mention those. But venial sins that have previously been forgiven should not be brought up again.

Just say you took the Lord’s name in vain.


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