Confession question

I am wondering if the confession I made yesterday was valid

I am incredibly scrupulous and have been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive disorder.

Yesterday I made my profession of faith and general confession to a priest in order to come back to the Church. I wrote down some of my sins, as he had recommended. As he was giving me counsel for the sins, I was deliberately trying not to think of other sins or things I thought might be sins that I might have done. A thought came in to my mind "I wish he would just hurry up with the absolution. I’m now worried that my whole confession was not valid because I was too embarrassed to confess that thought. I understand that thoughts themselves are not sins but I’m not sure if I consented to it or not. Now I have a niggling doubt that my confession was invalid.

Any help here would be good

Don’t post about OCD thoughts on the internet. Find a regular confessor and trust his advice.

I SUSPECT the rules for a GENERAL [means a life-time] confession are a bit different than can we say; a “normal confession.”

The FACT that you had been working with the priest PRIOR to the GC is significant; and the Confession with Absolution is VALID. Don’t over-think it.

WELCOME HOME Michael!:thumbsup:



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