Confession Question

Hello all. I have a possibly silly question about a confession I had today. I went to do my confession and, being scrupulous had wanted to confess being argumentative and having physical altercations as a kid with my brother. But I really just told my priest that I had issues with being argumentative with friends and family and having altercations even as a kid. Since I didn’t mention the physical bit with my brother can I still take communion? Thanks. I have a feeling this is just me being scrupulous though.

If you forgot to mention it and you had proper contrition for all the mortal sins of your life, then you sins are absolved. If it was a mortal sin, then you must mention is next time if you remember it then.

You are being scrupulous. Take communion and be thankful for the opportunity.

Hi Elizabeth. Two things:

  1. What Tim said above. Take communion and if you are still troubled then mention it at your next confession.

  2. You said:

The worst thing a scrupulous person can do is to ask strangers on the internet for religious advice on what is and is not sin. Trust your confessor and take your questions to him.


Thank you (and everyone else). You’re right that I probably should not use the internet for advice like this. I do have a tendency to be scrupulousand overthink things.

Have a read of this, and it will help you out if you take some of the advice from it:

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