Confession Questions

I have been to confession recently as part of “coming home” to Catholic church. As I understand it, when we go to confession all sins are forgiven, even those we don’t remember…or know about…

I am getting a convalidation in a month or so… do I need to confess my “relations” with my wife?

Also I had a vasectomy a long time ago, and I’m just now realizing that was against church teachings… do I need to confess that too?

bring all your concerns to the confessional, not here, and receive pastoral guidance to your own specific situation. welcome home! Yes it is objectively wrong to get a vasectomy, or to have relations with someone to whom you are not validly married. Now speak to a priest about your personal circumstances and culpability. sin requires grave matter (these are grave) but also full knowledge and free will intent to sin. If these are missing culpability may be mitigated or absent altogether.

There’s your answer. Welcome home!

It is wrong not to confess a known sin. There is no penalty for confessing a non-sin. So if in doubt ask the priest hearing your confession.

It will also keep you from wondering at 4 the next morning whether you were right or not. :wink:

Welcome to our Faith. Glad to have you with us. - Joe K.

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