Confession resource.


For those who stress and worry about confession, either by being scrupulous, suffering from OCD, suspect that they have OCD, or have worry and anxiety all of the time about having a " perfect confession " and doing it ’ just right’.

This is for you, give it a look…it may be of some help and it’s nice to know your not alone…

Scrupulous anonymous

I came across a fantastic resource for people who stress over the details of confession, published by

" All of our products are educational and pastoral in nature. Probably our most well known publication is the Liguorian magazine, one of America 's leading Catholic periodicals."

They publish Scrupulous anonymous and you can find tonnes of questions answered by a priest. Even if you aren’t scrupulous, you will find all sorts of information…I highly recommend reading the 10 commandments of the scrupulous, found at the bottom of this post.

The archives are here:

Here is the ten commandments for the scrupulous:


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