Confession time since


I went to confession yesterday. I said it had been “just over a month and a half since last confession”. It transpires it was actually just under a month and a half. I presume the confession is still valid?!

I would say yes. The time is just to give context to the priest. Doesn’t have to be super precise


Thanks. Don’t want to succumb to scruples :pray:

We say how long it’s been since our last confession to let the priest know how best to address our sins. The words will be different if the one confessing is going once per month or once per year. Especially if someone confesses that they have only done one sin in a whole year´s time.

With scruples, employ logic. Is the God of the Catholic faith someone who would punish your sins because even though you confessed them as best you could you missed the exact date? These are simple questions you should ask yourself and you should refrain from polling strangers on the internet if you suffer from scrupulosity.

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