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Good evening! I just wanted to ask for some advice… I’m just now coming back to the church after many years away. I was able to go to confession yesterday (that was a doozy!) and would like to start going regularly, but every single church I can find does confession on Saturdays, always in the morning or early afternoon, and I work Saturdays from 8am-4pm (far enough away that I really have to start driving at 7am) and even the earliest times I’ve found would be while I’m at work or on my way to work. Right now I can’t switch shifts.

Do you have any ideas for what I could do? My church lists times with an added “by appointment,” but I hate to bother a priest for my inadequacies on a regular basis. They do enough!

I’m really worrying about this. D:


Shrines, Cathedrals, Monasteries…also have confession times (some for hours and hours)

and very early times …like 6:15

One can always make an appointment! No worries.


You could ask a priest for Confession after a daily Mass service. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for the answers! I’ll look into alternate places. Especially the daily masses. They’re also all during my work hours, but I have one weekday off, so I can go thursdays. Thank you!


Many parishes hear confession before, after, or even during Mass. You wouldn’t really be inconveniencing the priest if you ask the priest before or after Mass to hear your confession.


I’ve often wondered about the ‘by appointment’. I know many people prefer the screen (and in some churches, that’s the only option), but if you make the appointment or meet them face to face ahead of time, then the priest also knows by name who you are. Do they just wait in the confessional for you? Or do you meet them in the parish church building?


Depends on if you talk to the priest yourself. If you talk to a secretary you could probably request that your name not be passed on - or just not give your name over the phone. I doubt a priest would be too bothered by that.


I work shifts on the weekend as well. As pointed out above, normally the cathedral depending on the size of your city will have the sacrament of reconciliation available at least once a day Monday-Saturday. Also something you may want to consider if you are just returning to the faith I would suggest seeking out a priest for spiritual direction. Normally this would entail meeting them on a regular basis to discuss the progression of your faith life. However it would also allow you to have a set confession time with a priest you are comfortable with.

On the note of bother a priest for a sacrament, many priest love when people ask them to hear their confessions because they know that the person is striving to become holy and wants the forgiveness of Christ.


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