Confession to a priest

Hey guys,

I heard something that said that confession to an orthodox priest was still a valid confession.
Is this true? It does not seem right but I wanted to be sure.


Why would you do this? Where’s your regular priest?

Why not ask your regular Priest, he would be able to give correct information.

Of Course! I was just curious about it because I heard that it would be a valid confession.
That’s all.

I’d ask that here ^^ to get a better answer.

But I think they will likely tell you it would only be allowed in extreme circumstances. Like you are some Eastern part of the world and no Catholic Church is near or something like that.

Yes. The Orthodox have valid Sacraments and, in cases of emergencies, can hear confessions and absolve sins of Catholics who are unable to find a Catholic Priest.

Check out this older thread on the same topic:

Thanks to all for the help, happy thanksgiving!

Pope Francis granted faculties to the Orthodox in the year of Mercy. I believe he did this to show a sign of “Catholicity” and hoped it might be a step to a unification. But like was said above, they can hear confessions in times of emergencies.


But whether the Orthodox priest would be willing is, I think, another matter.

Pope Francis did not grant faculties to the Orthodox. You’re thinking of the SSPX. It would be impossible for him to grant faculties to the Orthodox, since he has no jurisdiction over them.


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