Confession too often?


A friend went to confession Thursday and then tried to go again today. He was told not to confess more than once a week unless it was something serious.
He asked me what I thought about that and whether this was some sort of rule. I had no answer and I can’t imagine wanting to go that often anyway. I assume the sin wasn’t serious or the priest wouldn’t have made that comment but I have no other details.



Maybe your friend has scruples. He should trust the guidance of the priest.



Anxiety. OCD. Scrupulosity. All are inter-related under the umbrella of anxiety disorder. 20% of the population reportedly suffers from some form of anxiety - that is 64 million in the US alone. 1 in 5 people you know (and who they know) exhibits some form of anxiety.

I see this daily in cancer forums. Healthy people are terrified that they “might” have cancer. This profound unease is not of God.

The gold standard for anxiety treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - which is drug free and can even be received over the phone. It is provided by many organizations, including prominent Catholic counselor Dr. Gregory Popcak.

The Lord greatly desires that we live in peace.

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