Confession TV ad


Just saw this on TV a couple of minutes ago. I had the TV on absent-mindedly (Game Show Network) and was looking at the Shoney’s menu in anticipation of the trip my son and I are taking this week, so I wasn’t really paying attention, until…

Never thought I’d see anything like this. Still can’t believe it.

God is good.

PS — It somehow seems worth noting that they showed an outline of a confessional booth, not a “reconciliation room”.



Looks like the Church is finally trying to start catching up with the Mormons.
I know there’s been a big push in many dioceses with “The Light is On For You” to try to get people to come to confession this time of year and return to the Church.

While it kind of bugs me that the churches push confession around holiday times (it seems like every other time I go to church for the last 2 weeks there’s confessions happening) and ignore it the rest of the year, it’s true that many people only go to confession 1-2 times a year and/or are Chreasters, and I’ve been in both boats, so hey, whatever works.

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The ad is well written. I hope it yields abundantly.

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Had this been in the #in-the-news fourm, I would have thought, did the secular media mock us again to endorse a product or show.


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