Confession validity help needed

Yesterday at confession, a momentary thought went through my head that I was perhaps rushing through my sins and not saying them very clearly. Immediately afterwards, I had another thought, namely, that this suited me fine, as the priest was Asian and might not have been able to understand what I was saying. As far as I can remember, I pushed away this second thought to at least some extent. However, I think I subsequently rushed (rather unthinkingly) a little more than previously. This was certainly partially due to nervousness, but there may also have been a slight intention to partially conceal sins by not articulating properly. This all happened in all of 25 seconds, and I completely forgot about it until last night. I suspect this is just scrupulosity, but I was wondering if this invalidates the confession. I don’t go to confession very often, and I getrather nervous and worried when I do.

Assuming all the other requirements were met - Your Confession was valid.
Although rushing should certainly be avoided, it is often a natural reaction in Confession. I do the same thing (or find myself incapable of speaking at all :doh2:). If the priest needs clarification he will ask for it. Priests know many of us are uncomfortable or embarrassed with Confession at times. (My priest even has to lean forward at times to hear me.)
I don’t really have any advise to help with next time except perhaps making Confession a regular thing (monthly perhaps).

Christ’s peace be with you.

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