Confession video from local group


in Vancouver, WA This group is on tour much of the year.


Confession is good for the soul.


What’s the point of this? It just looks like an advertisement for a music group.


Did you watch the entire video and enter the site. The group is a Catholic group looking to reach young people. They had a great video on saying the rosary. Kids love music. Other Christian denominations have been using music for decades to reach the young and not so young. That is part of what is attracting them to their services.

I am not suggesting we use that type of music at Mass, but at other youth gatherings what is wrong with using this type of video to get the point across? I have used a number of such videos (albeit not so heavy and loud) with the Confirmation group and with parents. It has been very helpful in making points and talking about God’s love and mercy and our need for God.


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