Confession vs Communion?

Have the rules changed since I attended Catechism? I was taught, “if you think you committed a Mortal Sin then a Good Act of Contrition will get you back into God’s Grace, BUT at the next opportunity I still need to get to Confession.” Right?

Either Sin is Way down, or the Rules have changed since I’m usually alone at Confession but 95 % go to Communion every Sunday. Seriously, I’m wondering if I’m misunderstanding these important sacraments?


Anyone who is conscious of a grave sin should not receive communion before receiving absolution in confession (CCC 1385).

As to supposed numbers of people who go to confession v. numbers of people who receive communion, I would recommend not worrying about the state of others’ souls and just focus on one’s own. As my mother used to say: “If everyone was jumping off a cliff…”

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