Confession - Wasting Time @ Work?

I have a question regarding confession, and specifically, the sin of wasting time at work.

My question is this: I work a heavily project-based job. There are times when I’m unbelievably busy, and then there are times where I am waiting on other people, or between projects. If during these “down times,” I have nothing to do, am I sinning by talking with my coworkers, doing research online, etc?

I fully understand that if/when I have work that needs to be performed, my employer is owed my time and attention, but what about those in-between times, where there is… quite simply… nothing to do?

Great question! I can’t wait to see answers. I have the same situation… very deadline oriented job with severe workflow ups and downs throughout the year.

If during your down time you have any work-related things to do, filing, bring records up to date, research in your field, you should do those first. If after this is done, or if there isn’t anywork like this to do, than no you are not sinning by doing other reading, chatting,etc. Presumably, when you do get another project, or if a co-worker needs assitance, you will stop what you are doing to start ‘real’ work again.

If you don’t left your manager know you are done, or if you are doing these personal things when you should be working (we are all allowed break time), than that is sinful. Or if your time-filling activities are sinful in themselves – chatting turns into tearing down a co-worker, internet reading turns into porn, etc.

Sounds like you are fine!

Thank you. I have a tendency towards being scrupulous, and sometimes lose the ability to rationally examine things out of fear… and I just wanted to bounce this around with others…

Thank you!

I’m in the same sort right now. There are busy times of year and slooow times of year. I can dust (again) or I can look busy and go online. It breaks the manatony. I don’t think it’s wrong becuase my boss does it, too!!!

As long as we send the hourly workers home and do their jobs no one cares. Then again, no one cares when my boss and I are paid for 40 hours and work 60-70, either!!!

I’m so glad you asked this question. :slight_smile: Sounds like we have similar type jobs. Right now I’m ‘between projects’ and posting on here. :\

I do drop EVERYTHING the moment my employer has a new project but the between times can be brutal. I’ve even considered doing my work more slowly so I don’t HAVE such long down times but I just can’t. I work fast, that’s what I do. That’s why I was hired…

Anyway, thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

It also depends on your work environment. I work in IT and we are allowed to browse on the internet and watch movies when we’re on lunch. I’ve seen managers come by and look at something a staff member is showing them on the internet .

They also don’t make a big deal over what you do during downtime.

First see if there is anything else you can catch up on but if you have nothing to do and your employer doesn’t mind, I don’t think it should be a problem.

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