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I went to confession awhile ago (around summer time or end of summer), and the priest I confessed to made me feel really comfortable (I did a face to face confession). However, at the end of my confession he talked to me a bit and when I had told me about the bad thoughts I get sometimes and the really bad ones that I confessed to him (which I was ashamed of), he asked me a question and said did I really want that to happen? And I told him no. But, I’m thinking at the time I had the bad thought I did want it to ( I don’t know). But basically my question is, if the priest thought i didn’t mean or want any of those bad thoughts but I did (at that time), is my confession still valid?

Cupcake, you have scrupulosity and OCD tendencies. You must get care from a regular confessor.

YES your confession was valid.

Please start talking to a regular spiritual director. It is unhealthy for you to continue to reach out here, especially when you leave out the very important facts of your struggles with scruples and intrusive thoughts. These are things that need professional care, not random internet advice.

You’re right, I need to get a regular spiritual director. I was actually thinking of having it be with this priest that I went to confession with, since he made me feel very comfortable. Thank you for your advice, as always. God bless!

God calls us to be lights to the world, not obsessively focused on ourselves. We are given the grace of God to bring fruit into the world. Even the best of the Catholic saints were still sinners while they were living holy lives. They did not commit mortal sins, but they were certainly not always thinking pure thoughts or even acting lovingly with those they were closest to. The beauty of our Catholic faith is that despite our imperfect humanness, God uses us to do His will. May God bless you and empower you to bring his light into the world and be fruitful according to His will.

Perfect! Great idea! :thumbsup:

(I also struggle with scruples btw.)

Thank you!! I hope you overcome your scruples, it’s not easy dealing with it. I’ve been getting better though, but of course I still struggle with it. I can’t wait to start seeing this priest regularly, he really gave me some good feedback on my thoughts and he made me feel very comfortable opening up.

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