Confession with Marian Corps of The St. Pius X?

I’m new to this forum so apologise if there’s been already a forum with similar topic (I’ve looked about it though and found none). Anyway, is any of you have ever heard about this community of Marian Corps of The St. Pius X (MCSPX) — it is one of the SSPX-resistance communities? If you have, just wondering, do you know whether they can provide a valid Confession or not (under normal circumstances, i.e. not in danger of death)? Cheers and God bless!

I’ve never heard of them, but if they are a part of the SSPX, then they have the faculties to hear confessions which was granted by Pope Francis as an extension from the Jubilee Year of Mercy. That being said, if I were you, I’d find another group of traditional Catholics for the Sacraments.


@Fauken hey thanks for answering mate! Yea I’m aware of the faculty granted by Pope Francis to the SSPX, but the problem is that they were part of the SSPX …I think that’s what they meant by saying SSPX-resistance aye? Yea nah the problem is that it is very unlikely to find another traditional priest for Confession here in my place. I have been to another “non-traditional” priest few times before and my experiences with them were not so good most of the times. :frowning:

Why not just go to your local parish priest and then you don’t have to try to untangle all these issues regarding the validity of your confession?


I’d have serious questions about their ability to validly administer the sacraments. Find another priest - traditional or not; while the quality of the advice may vary that’s obviously better than the validity of the sacrament being questionable.


Father (if I remember correctly you’re a priest, right?), may I ask why you question the validity of their Sacraments? I ask this for my own benefit, I have no intentions to argue.

Put simply, the extension of faculties at the end of the Year of Mercy was granted to all members of SSPX and they were/are not members. SSPX claims they’ve always had the faculty by virtue of the extraordinary jurisdiction conferred by the general norms of the Code of Canon Law but, that aside, SSPX-resistance can hardly claim to rely on the Canon law solely when it suits their purposes to do so while flagrantly ignoring it when it doesn’t. To put it another way, even assuming their priests had valid faculties before the split, I’d say they don’t any more since they were presumably revoked by the ordinary who issued them and they don’t have a new ordinary since all of their bishops are currently excommunicated.


If the Resistance is sedevacantist, which may be true for some or all members, they wouldn’t regard as authoritative any extension of faculties by Pope Francis.

They are not members of the SSPX. They are a cult group consisting of priests who either voluntarily left or were expelled from the SSPX, mostly between 2012-2014, due to opposing the talks between the SSPX and the Vatican that were ongoing at the time.

Consequently, Pope Francis’s gesture never applied to them. They are a very disorganized group with several factions fighting for control, unable to get on the same page with one another. They are not sedevacantist but are completely against having anything to do with the Church or the Pope.

Stay away from them. Find another priest for confession.


This is exactly right. The SSPX have been given faculties to hear confessions validly. The “SSPX Resistance”, “Marian Corps”, or whatever they call themselves, are not the SSPX. They have no faculties. Their confessions would be invalid unless in danger of death.

Just as an aside, their Masses remain valid, because their priests are validly ordained. I am not saying to assist at these Masses, I am just stating the fact.


Off topic I know, but every time I see this thread title on the list, I think it says Confession with Marine Corps… :joy:




Can you imagine the Penance?!


It’s evidently a pun.

I will say that from what I know of this movement, they are very “gung-ho” on traditional male and female gender roles, this led by the ex-SSPX bishop who more or less founded the “SSPX Resistance”. He is absolute death on ineffectual, wimpy, overly sensitive men.

I can’t say I totally disagree with this aspect of it. Just tonight my son asked me why certain social change agents are seeking to eliminate gender-specific nouns and adjectives, and I explained to him the pseudo-Marxist social-revolutionary forces that are the darlings of the media. In the wake of all the unrest lately, they are definitely having their moment — while I wholeheartedly affirm that “black lives matter”, there is a whole lot of agitation for would-be social change, that is only tangentially related to the tragic events that brought all of this to the forefront.

Ahem… if he’s from England, he would probably say “slacks”, not “pants”. :face_with_monocle: :uk: :jeans: You would not say “no pants ever on women” in England. Trust me on this one.

And as for having a driver’s license, I wonder if he has ever considered a wife and mother needing to take the children to and from school, and do the grocery shopping, while her husband is at work bringing in the income to support the family.

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I am presuming that you are referencing whatever advice they may, or may not provide considering sin and avoiding sin.

While I understand your comment, the primary purpose of confession is not the advice but rather the absolution.

Advice from priests is something I put into the category of general advice, including homilies. Some are better than others in providing such, and some are, to put it politely, lame.

Coupled with that is our disposition as to advice; some prefer or want what I refer to as the “Dutch Uncle” approach; others don’t. Were I to pick any particular priest for confession based on their advice I would be hard pressed as even the best have “hit it” at times, and other times, not so much.

Trousers, I think.


Is there anything positive about the Resistance in general, or the Marian Corps in particular?

NPR is supposedly one of the most even-handed of all the major news outlets. What liberal bias there is, is far less than the commercial networks. Their measured tones and perfect diction, though, sometimes makes me feel like I’ve tuned into Radio Havana Cuba or Radio Pyongyang. Feels a bit creepy at times.

I heard once of “trousers” being used in a lewd manner (can’t repeat it here), but just being frank about the matter, “pants” means “underwear” in UK English. I couldn’t have imagined Bishop Williamson saying “pants” in that context. The safest term is “slacks”, which sounds kind of archaic in American English, but nevertheless safe.

There is much positive about the “SSPX Resistance/Marian Corps” — they preserve the Catholic Faith pure and entire (controversial opinions about facts of secular history or the deportment of women are not matters of faith) and they preserve the Traditional Latin Mass. The only problem is that they do not have any authority or faculties from the Church. A good friend of mine (haven’t seen him in years, though) is an SSPX Resistance priest and he’s actually a pretty mellow, good-humored, witty man. They’re not bad people, they just need those faculties, which the Pope has generously given to the mainline SSPX.

Other than Ecclesiology.

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