Ok, so I know that we are all sinners, and i know that almost a lot of things i do is probably a sin… like watching certain TV shows, getting angry at others, gossiping, lieing, not praying or going to church enough, etc. and i do these things almost everyday, however i always try my best every day to resist against temptation, and i succeed a lot of times. my priest tells me that it is required we all go to confession at least once a year, and that the church recommends once a month. i went last month… but god forbid, what if someone passed away tmrw and did not confess in awhile, would they go to hell if they have committed sins? should we confess every day??? it feels so nice after confession, but sometimes i feel like i have missed confessing a sin, out of not knowing it was a sin or not.

Two things-
If you walk out of the confessional, stub your toe, say “damn” and then die due to a completely unrelated event, you won’t go to hell. Minor sins are not sufficient to separate you from God for an eternity.
If you honestly forget to confess a sin, it’s still absolved- the Priest forgives ALL of your sins assuming no sins were intentionally omitted.

If you are unsure of whether or not something is a sin, you should bring it up to your confessor. Of course, one cannot sin without full knowledge and deliberate consent of the will so you would not be considered to have formally committed a sin when you did not know you were sinning.

Mortal sins you may have forgotten in confession should be re-confessed at your next confession; just make sure you tell your confessor that you forgot them from your last confession. You are forgiven for and absolved of mortal and venial sins accidentally forgotten in the confessional.

Regarding your question of whether or not one would go to Hell in the event of sudden death–this is why the Church urges the faithful to seek confession as soon as possible after a mortal sin has been committed. Mortal sins on the soul are spiritually unhealthy. To go a whole month with a potentially damnable sin on the soul and not having received Holy Communion would be silly when the sacrament of Penance is so readily available to us.

I hope that helps you.

Thank you , you guys helped a lot. But, can anyone tell me what are all of the mortal sins?? Is missing a sunday mass considered a mortal sin, and i know lieing is a mortal sin also? But, what if it is a white lie?? like to make someone feel better or something??

Here’s a good site regarding mortal sins:

ok well i read that and already knew that when you know something is a sin and u commit it anyway, that it is a mortal sin. but, what if like i know watching for instance a Rated R movie with violence is a sin, but i watch it …would that be a mortal sin? i duno im just confused on this a little

I would modify this slightly, but importantly, to say that one can sin in that manner, it just might not be considered personal sin. An act is objectively sinful when it goes against God’s will. Furthermore, even though invincible ignorance may exculpate a sinner from just punishment for that particular sin, the sin could be a result of culpable neglect when the person was younger (e.g., maybe they were too slothful to study their catechism when they were younger).

An example. Hitler ordering a purge is sinful even if he might think he is doing it for the right reasons (he supposedly wants to purify humanity). His reasoning is horribly wrong, but not his intentions (in this hypothetical). Consequently, he might not receive any culpability for this mass killing based on how his mind was working, despite the fact that his act is still gravely sinful. However, if that were the case, I would think it highly likely he had a lot of culpability earlier in life when neglecting to form his conscience. At any rate, that kind of analysis gives us hope even for saving Hitler’s soul, and it also shows us how important it might be to spend lots of time forming our conscience and those of our children.

Why is watching an “R” rated movie a sin? Is it because you’re underage or…? Now I’m confused. :confused:

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