How often do you, as a Catholic, go to confession? Please provide explanation–and be honest! If you never go to confession, how do you justify this?

I go at least twice a year. More if I feel the need. Self - examination hurts!

I go every couple of months. Always at Christmas time and Easter. My plan is to go every month. I find if I plan to go every month, I actually make it there every 2-3 months.

around every 2 wks or so

Maria- I agree. I always feel wonderful after confession, and think to myself that I will do this monthly. Then of course a couple of months have passed, and I am right back where I started.

It seems to be running a pattern of four or six weeks. There was one interval a few months ago of two days. Once I was advised …… “What are you doing here again?” I replied, “I’ve sinned”.

I believe if I feel any regret over an action or thought that could have been more charitable I have offended God as well as anyone else who might have been offended …… so it’s off to confession.

This is not to say I am burdened by scrupulosity, however, a conscience not entirely clear prompts me to confession.

I go once a week. I like getting refreshed every week and being as “clean” as possible when I receive the Eucharist. Plus, I try to receive a plenary indulgence each week. You never know when you’re gonna go and I’d like to spend as little time in Purgatory as possible (if I persevere in the first place, that is).:smiley:

From every 3 weeks to 3 months.

Self-examination is no fun, but the feeling upon leaving is unparalleled. I call this the “white magic” of the Church (and I know the term is not the best. . .but there it is).

Any longer than 3 months (and that is a long time in itself,) the sin is running serious risk of getting (further) habituated.

MY problem is always confessing the same sins. (already habituated).

One can take comfort in St. Paul. (paraphrased): I don’t do the things I should, and the things I should do I do not.

If he had the same problem. . .(thumbs UP smiley. . how DOES one attach those??)

Weekly. I have a reoccurring sin, otherwise I confess venials and other failures.

Not to offend anyone, but it’s hard to believe so many people can go months without sinning… :rolleyes:

From 1st through 8th grade, we went to Confession once a year as a class. after I graduated elementary school, I stopped going to Confession for a period of 11 years (1993-2004). I went again for the first time this past September, and I’ve been averaging going to Confession about once every 4-5 weeks since then.

I really need to start going more often since I became an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. I should really try and make it a weekly thing, but it’s difficult since my Parish only offers it on Saturdays from 1-2 pm. I just discovered a neighboring Parish offers Confession from 4-5pm on Saturdays though, so I might start going there if I can’t make it to mine earlier.

My mom was teasing me about it the other day, saying “Wow, you must sin a lot. You go to Confession all the time!” I just replied “Maybe other people aren’t going to Confession enough. The Pope goes to Confession once a week and I’m pretty sure everyone in this room sins more than him.” :eek:

God Bless all of you. Reconciliation is such a beautiful sacrament. It can melt a frozen heart. You can see the change in people’s eyes after they receive this sacrament. I just can’t understand why confession lines are so short and communion lines are so long. When I was a boy, I remember waiting in a confession line for hours sometimes. Do Catholics think they don’t sin anymore? Is it a product of societal relativism? Anyone out there who thinks that confession is not necessary any longer?

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Pretty much I go once a month, though I wouldn’t mind going more often. Way to get grace for sure!!! Earlier in my life, I went to one confession: first confession. In high school, I went once a year when my school held it. Now, it’s once a month. My parents just never made me go, so I finally took it upon myself.


Wow, you folks are saints !

I go twice a year, around Easter and around Christmas … whether I need it or not :slight_smile: I try to attend the parishes penance service. I like the benediction, homily and readings that go along with the service.

PLUS there are a half a dozen priests to choose from. I ususally end up going to our pastor because he has the shortest line. I guess folks are afraid the pastor will know how big sinners they are. I’m usually in a hurry, so it doesn’t bother. I suppose IF I were guilty of a really embarassing sin I would chose one of the priests from another parish too.

… I really should go more often… going to confession makes me feel great…I sometimes wonder, why doesn’t God take me now, before I go out and sin again ???

Actually the ideal time would be right after confession and attending some pilgrimage to get one of those full plenary indulgences. That’s like getting an express ticket to heaven, do not stop at Purgatory.
Christ’s Peace.

I haven’t been to confession since August 2004, approx. 7 months. I always feel wonderful AFTER confession but I always get really nervous BEFORE going in.
I grew up in a parish with a nasty, old Irish Priest that used to scream and yell in the confessional. Grown men would come out of the confessional booth with red faces because of him yelling at them so loudly. I think it left an impact on me.
*:blessyou: *

Yes! Confession occurs at least once, maybe twice a month. I have it easy, I go to formation once a month through Opus Dei and confession is great with their priests. Mom likes to go a different weekend, so depending on schedules, I go with her too. It is so helpful and important! YAY!

God Bless–JMJ
Laura :slight_smile:

I try for every two-three months, partly dependent on when I can get to Church, since I am both physically disabled and have very limited money for specialized transportation. More often in summer than winter, it’s safer to travel…

It’s tough to wait so long sometimes, but I also do nightly maintenance so I’m prepared whenever the chance for confession is available.

Our goal (my son’s and mine) is once a month. He is good about reminding me. :slight_smile: Since our parish has Confession only on Wednesday nights, it is sometimes hard. My son will only go to our pastor, although I sometimes can get to a Saturday time at another parish. In reality we usually hit every 6 to 8 weeks.

I have been living in Venezuela for the last 9 months with no English speaking priest available. So I haven’t gone to Confession here. I will be home in 8 days and will hit the first confessional I can find open. :smiley:

While I was in college, my church went to face-to-face. That was it for me. I didn’t go back for 24 years. :frowning: Skipping confession was the first step in what became a full fledged lasping from the active practice of my faith.

My personal (non-scientific) opininon is that is really hard to fall away from your faith if you go to confession often. The same is not necessarily true about other “regular” Catholic practices such as Sunday Mass attendance. It is a much under-rated gem of the Church.

I go to confession at least once a month, more frequently when I need it. When I was a child I used to go every Saturday with my Dad and my brothers. I can’t imagine going much more than 3 or 4 weeks without it.

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