I went to confession today, my penance was to spend time in front of the Blessed Eucharist. I’m confused, is spending time with our Lord penance?

I will be going to Confession more often…

Sure, the priest can give us an action or prayer to do as a penance. Think of it as something to show our sorrow for sin and thanks for God’s forgiveness. Maybe the priest thinks you need to just enjoy some quality time with our Lord to renew your trust in His mercy or to receive more grace to follow Him. Maybe the Lord inspired him to give you that penance because He’s been missing you.:slight_smile: We do the penance out of obedience but there’s no rule that it has to be something painful.

Laughing. I love the way you put it.

My priest is also great at giving meaningful penance.

‘Penance’ doesn’t necessarily mean punishment, at least not in a confession context, it simply means doing something to repair the damage that our sins have done.

Some priests might give you as a penance to say various prayers, or to do a good deed for someone. Now of course praying to God should NEVER be viewed as a punishment, neither should doing something good for another. But they ARE both ways we can repair the damage our sins have done.

I had a similar penance one time.... "Go and enjoy the quiet before Mass. (and it IS quiet in our church before Mass) Bask in it and let Jesus speak to you." How's that for awesome? It was perfect.

How lovely is that! :slight_smile:
Both the going to Adoration and the other sitting quietly before Mass!! :harp:

But it makes sense to me. The idea of being reconciled to the Lord, and to the church, etc. Being forgiven and having us draw closer to Our Lord.

For me, I was given the penance of doing something kind for someone I have been unkind to. Fits perfectly and meaningfully in light of what I went to confession for.

Also received some very helpful and constructive insight and encouragement from my priest.

It was such a nice experience, I actually feel kind of gulity! :eek: :slight_smile:

I agree with above response. Spending time with our Lord is a wonderful way to receive grace to be a follower of Christ. You can use the time for prayer, read scripture or just sit in silence and listen. The first penance I received after a very long absence from the church was to come early to mass the next day and read and meditate on the readings for that Sunday (which happened to be Divine Mercy Sunday). I came to church a half hour or so prior to mass and read the scripture readings and spent extra time in prayer.

The purpose of penance is to help you get your will in alignment with God’s.

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