Confession ?

So say i went to confession , how specific do you h e to be becuae if you confess everything in detail and some are embarssing it could take ages in a short amount of time and other people waiting so say for instance that I needed to confess I had impure thought as well as impute thoughts about my Cuzion ( I didn’t by the way just for example lol. )

So you wouldnt have to say cuzion Could that come under lustful thoughts or entertain them , also what if a person had that thought about the cuzion but didn’t want that thought and tried I focasing pray to Jesus is it still mortal ?

Just wondering cuz you can change the whole cuzion thing with many other examples

Thanks chuck

This post provides links to answers for all your queries.

Confess all mortal sins, kind (what you did) and number (how many times you did it) since your last confession. Don’t feel the need to give the priest lots of back story unless he asks for it.

Some “circumstances” change the nature or kind of the mortal sin. Sort things out with your confessor (if it is about a relative – I would mention that aspect–particularly if it was adverted to --or discuss it with him–of course distant cousins are those one can marry even…so not sure one would mention such --but if one at the time judged --hey this is my cousin --then I would bring it up with the Priest). (But the Priest does not need lots of “details” – for mortal sins --number and kind and circumstances that changed the kind)

Example of same act:

A. I stole an expensive gold cup. (this one just confesses that the theft and would be incomplete)

B. I stole the gold chalice from the Church. (this way is complete – for it deals with not only a serious sin of theft --but that it is was sacrilege too)

Example of same act:

A. I committed murder 2x

B. I committed murder 2x and one was my brother

Example of same act:

A. I beat up a person and broke their arm

B. I beat up my Grandma and broke her arm…

Hope this helps.

(from Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers:

PS: if one say honestly did not confess (like one had not clue one needed to) that it was the chalice from the Church but where contrite etc and seeking to make an integral confession – one would simply mentions it the next confession)

As to thoughts that say come to one out of the blue (one is not say seeking them or doing something one ought not be doing etc) and one does not want them – such are an example of temptation. Sin involves consent. And mortal sin involves full knowledge and complete consent (see my post on unwanted thoughts)

Sounds more in the order of an act of virtue contrary to a temptation. Sin involves – consent. (see above).

Bookcat always gives the best answers to these types of questions!

So details are important, as explained, but tons of explanations, “he said, she said”, and gory details are not necessary.

So confess fornication 12x, but not exactly what you did. You should say if it was 12 different random people or the same girlfriend, but the priest doen’t need to hear your pick-up lines.


In the post above in each example:

A: is incomplete confession

Also note that often mortal sins do not have any “circumstances” that change the kind --but are:I accuse myself of murder 2x, theft of $500*, missed Sunday Mass 2x…

*(one needs to return it (and the chalice in the above) some way --discuss with confessor how),

Well put. :slight_smile:

Bookcat is always on top of this question everytime it comes up. :thumbsup:

He’s right. You don’t need to paint a graphic play-by-play account, but you do need to give the neccessary details. If you confess “stealing money”, that could mean anything from taking a quarter you found in your friend’s couch cushion to holding up a bank at gunpoint. So it’s important to clarify.

The fact that it was your cousin may affect the seriousness of the offence, as there are consanguinity issues at play here. I’m no expert on consanguinity, but the extra second it will take you to tell your confessor it was about your cousin won’t even be noticed by the people waiting in line. Honestly, just spit it out. Your confessor won’t be phased by it. Furthermore, it’s good that it’s embarrassing. Sin is embarrassing, and part of going to Confession is humiliating ourselves to the priest, in order to grow in humility and to avoid committing the same sins.

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