When not in mortal sin…when should one go to confession?

It is recommended to also confess (at least some) venial sins. Some go weeky…others every other week…some every month…some less often

I recommend “often”

Some recommend monthly, some recommend weekly.

The graces of the sacrament are not only ordered towards forgiveness, but to help us overcome our habitual venial sins. For that reason, it’s good to go frequently.


1458 Without being strictly necessary, confession of everyday faults (venial sins) is nevertheless strongly recommended by the Church.59 Indeed the regular confession of our venial sins helps us form our conscience, fight against evil tendencies, let ourselves be healed by Christ and progress in the life of the Spirit. By receiving more frequently through this sacrament the gift of the Father’s mercy, we are spurred to be merciful as he is merciful:60

It can be a good practice.

I go at least once a month, unless I slip up and commit a mortal sin and have to go again.

I highly recommend weekly. I am scrupulous, yes, but, the graces and mercy that this poor sinner (me) recieves from Our LORD in the Holy Tribunal of Mercy are unbeleviably awesome. It is a habit that I want to continue till I die.

I once asked my spiritual director this question. His answer was “as often as it would be of benefit to you.”

That seems like a reasonable answer to me. I think one’s spiritual life runs in certain cycles. You go to Mass at a certain frequency, you pray at a certain frequency, you go on retreats at a certain frequency, you see your spiritual director at a certain frequency, etc. And I think Reconciliation fits into that same kind of pattern. So you need to determine what is the appropriate frequency for you to go to confession. When would it be of benefit to you?

We are judged by our hearts.

It you are convicted or know that something is making you slip up on a regular basis, then go.

If not, know that Christ has forgiven you and that you can continue to live in His graces :slight_smile:

Many advise going to confession monthly even if one has not committed any mortal sins. Some go weekly, which is also a good practice. It depends on your situation and how much you are struggling with sin at this time in your life.

I would also voice the advice to judge how often to confess venial sins based upon the number of people who show up for Confession. For example, the priest at my previous parish often had a hard time fitting everyone in. It would be sad if the person behind you was unable to go to Confession before Mass, and be unable to receive Communion, because you confessed some venial sins every week.

What I would often do is judge the length of the line and the amount of time left. If time was running down, and there were one or two people behind me, I would often let them go in front of me (only if I had venial sins).

I’m not scrupulous but I try to go weekly. I find it very helpful.

I encourage my friends and aquaintances to go at least monthly.

If that’s the case, then the priest needs to schedule more times for confession. These 30-45 minutes once a week is NOT sufficient for a parish. Those who have committed venial sins must be permitted to confess too on a regular basis so that they may receive the sacramental graces to overcome their venial sins.

What the priest should and should not do does not change what I and others should and should not do. I agree that the priest should increase the amount of time he does Confession or the frequency with which he does Confession (as it stood, it was an hour once a week). Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that there were others behind me in line who likely had mortal sins and who did not go to Confession once a week like I did.

This is the case in our parish and we have seven hours of confessions available per week. It’s not always the case that there are insufficient times available for the sacrament.

When I first became Catholic, I tried to go every week; ended up being every other week. I just went through a lot of difficulty in my life and actually haven’t been to confession in 2 1/2 months.

My goal is to go weekly. You receive graces when you go, additionally St. Teresa of Avila wrote that venial sins pile up on you and draw you further from God, and make entering into mortal sin easier.

My priest says go every month if you can, every week is even better.

Or just be thankful a priest has regular scheduled Confession time. Some priests do not.

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