My parrish priest has confession once a week. I do not have a car and sometimes I am told I can’t go to mass and I need confession. Fr. knows about this. If someone is in mortal sin and wants to go to confession and has no way of making it would they go to hell if something happened?

No, the intention is what is important when the act is impossible.

I would check the times of other parishes or try and make an appt to have confession done!

This is not what the Church teaches. We cannot limit God to the sacraments, but we can’t say that it’s good enough that one merely had the intention of going to Confession.

We’re taught to trust to God’s mercy, I believe. Therefore, it seems to me thaat if you REALLY want to go and REALLY can’t, you’re PROBABLY okay.

Make biweekly or monthly appts with the priest for confession after Sunday Mass.

That is not correct. The intent to go is not an act of contrition.

An act of perfect contrition would have to be made with the firm intent to get to Confession as soon as possible would forgive sins in the event of death prior to getting to Confession.

What about prayer when in mortal sin. The prayer of a righteous man avails much. Does god hear prayers of a sinner? I would think so. I usually say the our father hail mary and 3 glory be’s everyday. But since looking at porn I’ve slacked off. I was really doing good and then fell flat. I can’t get to Sunaday mass but during the week I can get there.


The answer to your question is that you should make a perfect act of contrition until you can get to confession. God does not require us do the impossible.

Where there is a will there is a way.

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