I need/want to go to confession but I am the type of person who like to explain myself while in there. Though I know there is no excuse for sinning, I feel explaining my situation helps the priest give me advice on how to avoid certain situations again…
My question is my parish offers confession Mon-Fri 730AM-800AM and 1130AM-1200PM. It is hard for me to attend these because of my work schedule. I could attend the 1130-1200 one but I feel I need more time and do not want to take someone else’s time up. Any suggestions/advice? During my last confession my pastor told me his door is always open but I know he is very busy…

If your pastor tells you that he has an open door, I’d take advantage of it. His job is to help people understand where they are. If you think that the confession time is too tight, then please make an appointment with your pastor. He’s there to listen and give advice.

Even if his schedule is tight, he will make time to see you.

Peace to you.

I agree :slight_smile:

What he said.

Call your priest, and/or find a parish near you that offers a confession time that fits into your schedule.

you could always call your priest and set up and appointment that will be convenient for both parties…

If he said this, believe him and don’t second guess or make assumptions.

It’s part of being a priest, and I can’t imagine the joy it must give them to be vehicles of God’s grace through confession. :thumbsup:

Do this. The last thing you want is to be rushing into the church having not properly prepared yourself for the sacrament. I have never met a priest who would not be able to find some time to have a talk with someone before they went to confession. In fact most of the priests I know would ask you to visit the parish house, have a cup of tea and so on before he donned a stole :slight_smile:

God bless our priests.

All the best


Good for you and God bless you!!!

Do you have a good examination of conscience you do before you go to confession? That helps me a lot and it helps, among many other things, with clarity.

Perhaps if you know you’ll take a while it’d be better to make an appointment so you won’t have the people in line behind you waiting too long.

But, God bless you for wanting to go to confession! The angels will be partying.

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