I am a newly converted Catholic as of Easter. I am struggling with going to confession. It’s not the going but not sure what I should be confessing. I live by myself ( hubby in a nursing home). I stay home most of the time. I do got out from time to time with a friend from church. She lost her husband several months ago so we go out for lunch. The rest of the time I am home. So not sure what sins I would need to confess. I really want to be a good Catholic it has taken me 70 years to finally come home.


Here are a couple of cites that will help you in your exam of conscience.

In our journey of going to God, the one thing that will hinder the closeness to Jesus, that we want to have, is sin. It puts up a wall and blocks his divine graces. The more sin is exterminated, the more the God moves into our soul and lives in us. It is important that venial sin also be removed. Sometimes we do not recognize sin that is in our lives and therefore we think that we have nothing to confess. Whereas in reality, we have lots of sins that are interfering with the action of God. It is up to us, with the help of the light of the Holy Spirit, to seek out these sins to recognize them so we may do something about them. Else we will be in a stagnate mode in our spiritual progress, not knowing why we are not progressing.

These will help to understand what may have been overlooked.

Have you been to RCIA?

Yes went through that before conformation and first communion.

Welcome home, Marilyn! :smiley:

Thank you, glad to be here. It was a long journey but finally made it.

Welcome to the forums, glad you made it home.

Welcome to the Catholic Faith!! Welcome Home!

I have found a good examination of conscience in the smart phone application, Laudate. There are others available online. Make sure you get a reliable one. The Laudate app delves deeper into how the 10 Commandments apply in every day life. Even things such as not sharing your talents, not praying to God, can be sins.

Again, welcome!
God bless you,

I would suggest that you use the ten commandments and the precepts of the Church as a guide.

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