I had a troubled year last year. I was depressed and started to slip away from the faith.
I missed mass for a few months and committed a lot of sins.

However for the last few months i have been going to confession every week. To overcome my problems with impurity which i am gradually beating. At the end of every confession i also say “and any sins i have forgotten”.

The problem is at my first confession this year i listed all the terrible sins i had committed last year. I made a general confession naming each sin i could remember. Missing mass, irreverence, etc. I intended it to be meant for all the sins of those types i had comitted.

I didnt say how many times i had committed them as i intended that it would cover all the times i had done them. I honestly dont remember how many times i missed mass or was impure. I just say the sin in confession and mean it for all the times i had done them.

Considering i have been to confession many times since. Do you think i have covered these sins and assume that they are forgiven.


Yes. The priest knew that you hadn’t been to Confession in some time and knew you were making a general confession to cover that period of time, so he understood your meaning. If he had required more information, he would have asked for it. The Absolution he gave you is valid. Trust Jesus and trust His Church. You are forgiven. Think no more about it. :slight_smile:


I agree with the above advice, but I also recommend that you mention this to your confessor next time you are in confession - not because you have to, but just to remove any lingering doubts in your mind. In addition, your priest may have helpful advice to offer you.

It is very much part of a priest’s job in the confessional to answer any queries you may have about previous confessions. (But, of course, accept the answer once it has been given, and don’t seek a third opinion).

The priest has the advantage over anyone in CAF that he speaks for the Church (through jurisdiction from the bishop) so you can receive his advice on authority.

It should only take you a minute or two to explain the circumstances and receive his advice, and then you are completely at ease.


If one forgets to give the number of a mortal sin -one confesses such in the next confession (after one realizes such). It can be good to return to the same Priest if possible ~ especially it if was a longer confession. And the Priest is there to guide us and help us to make good confessions.

For example if Sam had missed Mass 3x’s but did not realize he had to say it was 3x – but was intending to confess all his mortal sins and was contrite etc –so all three were absolved – but if he realizes this later --he should then mention such in his next confession (I just said I missed mass but did not realize I had to say the number it was 3x).

What if one does not know “how many” of a mortal sin – one gives an approximate according to what one knows from ones examination. So it may be “around 2-3x a month for the last 2 years” or it may be “around 10-15x” or it may be “around 6x” or it may even need be be “many times” “several times I do not really know” --or “alot”.

Our memories are not expected to be like Mr. Spock…we have human minds not vulcan…so we may not remember all we would like. Especially if it is over period of time.

(Now there some persons who struggle with scrupulosity -and they may be in a different boat and need to have a regular confessor to guide them -I note this for many read these posts).


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