Is it permissable to go to confession more than one time in the space of a week if one has fallen into a state of Mortal Sin?

Reason me asking is that the Cathedral i go to has Confession on most days of the week (Tues - Sat), and last saturday I went to Confession. 3 Days later, because of my weakness i was again in state of Mortal sin and went to Confession (with a different priest to Saturday) and after I had confessed my sins, he made a point to say that 3 days between confessions is verging on Scrupulosity, and that i must not abuse the Sacrament…

Now, it is saturday again, and am in a state of Mortal sin, which i am earnestly trying to combat - Would i be ‘abusing’ the sacrament, or being scrupulous by going to Confession again just 4 Days after my last Confession? It will probably be the same Priest as on tuesday, and I am afraid of what he would say to me about it, or think that im being Scrupulous etc… I feel uneasy that im in a state of undoubted Mortal sin, and Damned to the eternal Hellfire, I dont personally think i should wait a week or wait longer…

Any advice would be appreciated


i’d go as soon as possible. i don’t think there are any stipulations on how many times you can go to confession in a week. go to confession at your earliest opportunity. as for hellfire, i highly doubt it, so don’t worry about that. just go to confession and once your absolved, resolve not to commit the same sin again. pray alot!


I would definitely go and I would also SEEK out the same priest. This priest seems to think you are bordering on scrupolocity. Question him more. You say you committed a mortal sin. It appears the priest is in disagreement?

It could also mean that this priest is wrong. But either way, you should seek him out and seek his counsel at this point.

God Bless,


Going to confession often is not abusing the sacrament. John Paul II went every day! If you are in the state of mortal sin, you should go as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean you’re suffering from scrupulosity, it means that you’ve just fallen back into your habits, like so many of us have. I don’t think this priest is giving you sound advice. If you know that you’re committing a mortal sin and don’t usually suffer from scruples, the priest shouldn’t question your intentions like that.


If you are battling scruples, it pays to remember that one of the graces that confession gives is the strength to resist temptation.

Otherwise, if you really have committed a mortal sin, get thee to a confessional forthwith!


I’d make a point to try and make an appointment with a priest for counseling and instruction as well as confession.

It seems unusual that someone would fall into grave sin, and then truly repent of the sin, then go back into the cycle again on such a frequent basis.

It seems as if you might not have a real firm understanding of “mortal sin”, “repentence” or both.

BTW, it is good to seek the grace of confession frequently, and we all do sin daily.


Yeah, I do agree with this. If you struggle so much in overcoming this sin, then you might have some sort of attatchment to it, or addiction, which would make your sin not “mortal”. Your sin might be ‘grave matter’ but it must include full use of will (for it to be mortal), which you don’t have in an addiction.

And if you are not attatched to this sin, then it would seem that your repentance is not quite so perfect. Then again, at the moment of repentance it could be perfect, and your repentance could be forgotten during times of temptation. To that I would argue that if it was true repentance, it would defeat temptation, unless like I said, your addicted.

Also, if you indulge in sin because you can go to confession later, than this itself is the sin of presumption (of God’s mercy and love) which would be an abuse of the sacrament. So if you struggle with resisting temptation because of ‘presumption’ than I suggest you confess that sin also during the next visit to the Sacrament. Through Mary to Jesus, God Bless.


You should go to Confession. Ask him to explain to you the effects of “habit” on the guilt of Mortal sin.


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