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I am wonderring if you can get confession over the internet or this site. i am very sick and can not leave the house anymore. i do not like the priest at my parish.



No, just like watching Mass on tv isn’t good enough, and just like you can’t be married or ordained or receive any of the other sacraments by long distance. Sacraments have to be administered face-to-face and in person.

Call the priest (even if you don’t like him, you gotta do it - maybe call another parish if you can) and tell 'em you’re sick and housebound and in need of confession and they’ll come to see you.


you can call any parish and ask for a priest to visit you for confession and of course to bring communion. When you call the parish, make sure you tell the secretary you need to see the priest, and that you are too ill to leave the house. If you are that ill and have not been anointed, it would also be good to ask for the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. no confession must be in person, and cannot be done over the internet. The priest is standing in the person of Christ in the sacraments, so as long as you love Jesus Christ it is not necessary to like or even know the priest.


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