i’ve been to confession a few times and i won’t ever go again. this is really stereotypical but i don’t like priests… idk why but they really really really scare me. every time i try and go to confession i have an anxiety attack and back out… i don’t like the idea of trusting someone you barely know. i’d rather just pray and ask God for forgiveness. is that bad? i can’t really help it…


Have you tried confessing behind a screen instead of face-to-face? It might be easier if you can’t see who you’re talking to (and vice-versa).


Confessing Your Sins to a Priest - by Patrick Madrid


I might suggest calling up a priest you like ahead of time and making an appointment to speak with him directly. This way, you’re not rushed, you’re not confined to a confessional, and it will be a lot more informal.

Good luck and God bless!



[quote=Megzy]idk why but they really really really scare me. every time i try and go to confession i have an anxiety attack and back out.

This occurs to me, as well. If you’re not using hyperbole, and you’re talking about a genuine anxiety attack, I would recommend therapy. It sounds like there’s a serious unresolved issue there (and I know, I have unresolved issues of my own!).

I hope you don’t take this as meaness or insulting–it’s not meant to be. It’s genuine concern.


I like the idea of going to confession with a screen in the way. I have always felt like after confessing my sins, the priest looks at me differently, so I now do most of my confessions behind the screen, not all though. must say after reading the Catechism of the Catholic Church my entire view of confession changed, and I now look forward to it. It was an amazing eye-opener to me to read the Catechism, not just for confession, but so many other things that I didn’t understand.


I have been in several discussions with Protestants lately, and this board is dealing with some issues like this so…

I think you are being harassed (not possessed) by demons. If Satan can keep you away from the gift of the Sacrament of Reconcilliation, points for his team.


God Bless,


You say that you would rather just go straight to God rather to to one of His priests. However, your reasons indicate a fear that I cannot imagine having. Have you had bad experiences with Confession? (not that you need to go into any details here) If so, try a different priest. Just like any other organization with human members, there are good and bad examples to find among the whole. I’ve never encountered any reason to be scared going into Confession. No matter what I confess, the priest listens patiently. He might ask a few questions (usually to clarify the extent of my sin or the state of my repentance) and then he grants absolution. I emerge feeling a tremendous relief.

Jesus gave the Apostles the authority to forgive sins in His name. (John 20:19-23) Why would he do this if he did not intend for his followers to confess their sins to the leaders of the church he established? If you read the writings of the Early Fathers (those who were instructed by the Apostles and their immediate successors), you will find that they definitely believed that confession to a priest is necessary and taught that it is the way Christ established as the normal means of obtaining forgiveness from our sins.

Does this mean that it is the only way? Of course not. However, * would be presumptuous to assume that God will forgive my sins if I deliberately avoid the means he himself established for receiving this grace.


I prefer the priest to barely know me. That way, he doesn’t have any preconceived notions about me when I confess. I can go in with a “clean slate” as it were. I also only go to confession where there is some sort of screen available. I don’t like the face to face fad.


DO you suppose that having an evil spirit enter you as you claim on the ouji board thread and being scared of priests have anthing to do with eachother. I still find your posting hard to believe.


I hope you never have experienced a priest who convicts you of lying and then tells you you’re damned. Despite that, I still go to confession, just at another church, with another priest.


[quote=Psalm45:9]I hope you never have experienced a priest who convicts you of lying and then tells you you’re damned. Despite that, I still go to confession, just at another church, with another priest.

This kind of behavior is so odd that I wonder whether this priest might not have other well known “issues” – perhaps a few discreet inquiries should be made about this guy’s overall performance?


I had similar experiences Megzy It took me 8 months of sweating and anxiety attacks ,in various locations ,to actually go to confession after 40 years away. I finally rang a priest and he came to my house.
Even after that I would feel faint and sweaty and sometimes my mind would go blank, or Id burst into tears as soon as I was in front of the priest, or I couldnt remember the words of my act of contrition. And often still feel scrupulous for weeks .
Id agree with Maria G I talked to my parish priest. He smiled and said " Its the devil , hes lost you and hes not a happy bunny" It made me feel great.
Talk to a priest about it , get some help but dont decide to forgo confession, we need the grace. Dont let the evil one win.
It took me a few months of peserverance to over come the exagerated symptoms,

I`ll pray for you Megzy.


I think this is a very important point. Megzy, you claim that you have the ability to control evil spirits, but I can state with certainty that you are not in control of them. They may let you think that, but I would strongly urge you to stay away from the occult. The Church has repeatedly condemned this from the earliest times…I’m genuinely concerned by some of the things that you said in the other forums. This has to be related. Now I’m not saying you’re possessed, but the fact that you experience anxiety in the presence of a priest is very telling…

Please talk to someone about this. Please find a good priest who has experience with these sorts of things. You’re in my prayers.


with respect, no individual who is not an excorcist commissioned by the bishop can make this statement about another person.


Besides, this is an old, old, old thread.


MariaG was also on the other forum where Megzy was talking about her experiences with Ouija boards…she may not be able to make that statement definitively, but when we take the warnings of Fr. Amorth and others into account, there is some very strong evidence. I agree that only an exorcist can determine this for sure, but I don’t think it would be charitable not to warn her…


Oh wow! How did it get pulled up to the top? :o I didn’t even think to look…

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