I’m not sure where to put this. But If someone commits a mortal sin and they are truly sorry and asks God for forgiveness and plans on going to confession but cant go for a few days cos the parish only has it once a week is that person forgiven? If something happened to them before they could get to confession (like a car crash or something) would they be forgiven or doomed for hell?

Sincere contrition and a desire to go to confession is sufficient when one is unable to go.

It’s enough to obtain forgiveness for your sins and salvation should you not be able to confess, yes.

But it isn’t a substitute for confession - which you must do as soon as you can. Most times you can call your church and make an appointment during the week to confess to a priest if need be - they’re usually ok with it.

And it DOESN’T permit you to receive the Eucharist at Mass either - not until you’ve sacramentally confessed.

Should the person try to limit any stuff they have to do out and about (like going to the store ect) until they can go to confession?

Not at all. God isn’t hovering around waiting to catch you off guard and zap you in the couple of days between sin and confession you know.

If anything, I believe sometimes he’s made it possible for me to go to confession at unexpected times when I thought I’d have to wait.

I attest to that. In the Prudential center in downtown Boston there is a chapel that has confession and adoration available almost the whole working day from M-Saturday. Nevertheless, due to the time it takes to get there and back, I’m not always able to go right away. But often I have found myself needing to travel to the area, so I’m able to go anyway.

That’s pretty cool, and here I thought I was fortunate that my parish had two times for confession a week.

we have it twice on saturday here thats it

I won’t add to the good answers you have received, but I will tell you that, if you have more questions similar to this one, the Liturgy & Sacraments Forum would be a good place to put them.


oh ok…I should have thought of that:blush:

That would be where calling during the week for an appointment may be the way to go - I’d imagine there may be lineups during those times on Saturday too…

There is a contemplated exception to that general and sound rule: you can receive communion before sacramental confession if you make a true act of perfect contrition, including the intention to confess as soon as possible AND 1)it is impossible to confess now AND 2)there is a grave reason for going to communion, such as danger of death.

Its important, though, not to let the above exception consume the rule – it is an exception that is granted by the Church as custodian of the sacraments, and in no way takes away from the normative (and serious) obligation to go to confession before receiving communion.


To you that have confession times at church once a week, I have to say you’re pretty lucky. My parish only has it once a month for just half an hour. :frowning:

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