Usually YouTube has some really scandelous, blasmephous, and downright disgusting videos in their Promoted Videos section, and than I found this. What do you think of it?

I am scared to watch it, can you give us a quick overview?

I don’t want to get tramatized by watching something that you know is wrong already.

I prefer you tell us something about the video with not too many details.
Is it about a person in a confessional booth telling his sins to a priest?

Nothing terrible. A pilot about a woman who creates a “confession” service that provides someone to listen to people. Interesting concept.


From Strike.TV, here’s the description from that site:

“Confessional” is a place where anyone can come and share a secret from their past. It’s based on a real life business in Los Angeles, which is not religious, not a therapy, just a place to come and get something off your chest. Strike TV’s “Confessional” is a fictional story of one man – Chip – who walks in and bares his soul to the owner, Krystal – who replies with her own confession. “Confessional” invites viewers to send in their own confessions. The best ones will be dramatized for the series. And viewer video confessions will be posted on the site.

The YouTube clip is not harmful to view.
Comments worth sharing in this thread would be directed toward whether or not show has any merit, if so, why, if not, why not? What do you think about having viewers submit the material for the show? What do you think about this whole concept of internet productions which use the audience for material?

I think some confessions would be funny.

For example; an engaged gal sees her fiance with her best friend shopping together and laughing together and she sees him buy her a present.
The engaged gal gets really angry and she goes home and she gets a hammer and bangs up the engagement ring and then throws it in the ocean.

Later on she finds out that the gift was for her birthday and her fiance had asked her best friend to go shopping with him to buy the perfect gift.

Her sin was jumping to conclusions by misinterpreting what she saw and getting so angry that she throws her ring away in anger.

I think that is a funny story if you find out what happens at the end of the story.

I have a funny confession that I told my priest. It was a sin of anger that turned the tables on me and it was too late to change what I did when I retaliated. It worked out okay for me but I could only tell my cousin who I trust to laugh with me about it.
It was my sin… I did distorted thinking at the But I have learned from it.

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