Confessionals with locked doors

Are there some confessionals that have locked doors? I have NEVER seen this.
there was a post on here about someone who went to confession and the priest had to come out and unlock the door for him/her. I suspected the post was phoney…and what do youi know,my post get deleted.

So , just wondering if such a thing exists and how common it is if it does.

Yes, they exist. We have them at the parishes I attend. While I can’t speak of the one in the city I live, the other parish I attend doesn’t keep them locked.

It makes sense, though to keep them locked. Think of it this way; anyone can impersonate a priest and hide in the priest’s section, turn on the light, and start hearing people’s confessions.

So what if you have NEVER seen something? Does that mean it cannot exist?

I make my confessions regularly behind locked doors. Also there is a screen between me and the priest, so I do not see him, and he does not see me, neither any handing out or physical contact is possible.

This was the standard in my childhood too, except that through the seen the penitent could see the priest and vice versa. Face to face confession was allowed to men, not to women.

I still have yet to enter one of these babies:)

In my honest opinion, I prefer these over the ‘box’ as I call it.

the doors at my parish do lock but only with a key and only from the outside. They do this to prevent vandalism and also to keep it from being used as a coat room.

I know that sounds absurd, but in the winter months, our ushers took to storing their coats, hats, gloves in confesisonals so Father started keeping them locked outside of scheduled confession times.

CallmeChris - that is a beautiful confessional. The ones at my parish are large like that as well. I don’t like the tiny ones that you barely fit in.

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