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My friend had confided in me it’s their first time in ten years . Feeling a bit nervous and embarrassed telling their sins to a priest . They confided they had masturbated . They don’t know how to say it to a priest. I don’t know what way they could say it . Would it come under lust ?


Straight forward. That’s how. Just confess “ I have masterbated X number of times”

That’s it! Rip off the band aid and try not to sin again.

I mean, of course confess all the other sins and have a complete and genuine confession.

Hope this helps.

God bless.


They were impure with themselves.


That’s from Father Larry Richards.


What about confessing ‘self abuse’ ?


That would fall under the 5th commandment.

Go to church and get yourself an examination of conscience.

Or download the app Laudate and go to the confessions section.

Good stuff there.


He could say it a hundred ways…the priest will know what he means. That’s one they’ve heard a million times, for sure.


‘Impure acts alone’, ‘sinned against chastity by myself’, no need to elaborate. To be honest (yes, I know it’s wrong so spare the lectures) I’m surprised people are still going to confession to confess such things given the current news.


We should still confess our sins. Why wouldn’t we?


I disagree. Just say masturbation.


We shouldn’t use euphemisms for or sins. Just state plainly and matter of factly what you did.

@AngelusDomini why wouldn’t we confess this sin? Is a mortal sin regardless of current events. Or any events for that matter.


Echoing everybody elses advice. Adding it may be more comfortable for them to go behind the screen in a parish they don’t plan on attending and it’s great that your friend is coming back to the Church.


Be direct. Say how long it has been since your last confession. Say what you did and how often.


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