"Confessions of a (Hopefully Recovering) Gossip Junkie"; an Account of a Common Personal Failing

see aleteia.org/2017/04/22/confessions-of-a-hopefully-recovering-gossip-junkie/

I’d been hit by a fiery dart (or a terrorist bomb) and my brain exploded:

“They’ve gossiped about me?”

And the Holy Spirit whispered back:

“Yes and you do the same thing all the time.”

I appreciate the honesty of the woman in this article. My friend always says if they are gossiping about me they are leaving someone else alone.

Excellent article.

Thanks for the link.


Thank you for sharing this!

A wise person once told me that if someone is gossiping about someone else to you… theres a guarantee that they are gossiping about you to someone else.

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