Confessions of a wanna-be highs school theology teacher


Is anyone on here a high-school level theology teacher / give any insight into this career that I’m looking into? I’m about to start my sophomore year of college.


Chloe M.


I teach high school religious ed (theology, world religions and christian ethics), and I’m also a high school school chaplain at a Catholic school with 1,800 kids (grade 10-12).

What do you want to know?

  1. Do you feel that you make an impact in a student’s faith life as a theology teacher?

  2. Why did you pick the student level that you are at? What is the difference between high school level theology teacher and college level theology teacher (besides a lot more time in college yourself!)

  3. Have you grown closer to God in your teaching about Him daily?

  4. How did you decide God was calling you to your current teaching position? Any tips or hints for discerning a career path in theology education?


If you love your faith and you really want to teach I am sure you will do well.:thumbsup:


Thanks so much!
If you don’t mind, could I private message you if more questions arise?




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