"Confessions of an Islamophobe" by Robert Spencer


Um, have any CAF members read this book? Is it safe to say that Robert Spencer lacks charity?


Nope, haven’t read it but I don’t appreciate the title. Inter-faith dialogue is a complex subject that requires a fair amount of “hands on” experience dealing with people of other religions and maturing our own faith with the contact. And, again, there is no short amount of religious hate talk going around…

Being thoughtful, understanding and tolerant seems to be in short supply these days…


I agree with @adgloriam

also, based on what other islam-related threads have turned into on this site, I sure that this thread will be filled with CHARITABLE, CHRISTLIKE, AND REASONABLE DISCUSSION

you hear that, future posters?


May St Peter Pascual pray for us.

I understand Spencer is from the alt right, I haven’t read it.

Edit: I had mistook him based on the last name for a different Spencer.

This Spencer is a well respected author, who now happens to have a name sadly close to another.


Patrick Coffin just interviewed Spencer. You know, Coffin who was formerly with Catholic Answers?

But of course those pandering to Islam here would be offended. I am alreading guessing which posters it would be, hmmm.


What is it that brings you to the conclusion that Spencer is ‘alt right’? Hardly a cheritable description of a person.


True. And according to the alt right, Spencer is not even considered white, since he is of Middle Eastern descent. If he is alt right, why woukd a Cathokic apologist like Patrick Coffin have him on the show? Doesn’t make sense.


The author’s name is Robert Spencer, not Richard Spencer. Richard Spencer is the infamous, alt-right, neo-nazi lunatic.


If he did end up lacking charity, what then? If a person lacks charity, it doesn’t undermine their arguments, unless their argument is “I’m charitable”.

He is someone who gets in real deep with the horrors and terrors of Islamic Jihad, I’m sure from all he’s seen and experience he could get quite jaded. He has a constant body gaurd and is on terrorists fatwah or “persons to be killed” list.

He is sometimes a little blunt and lacks tact at times, but I think for the most part he treads where others fear to tread.




No shortage of controversy here! :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


Edit: I accidentally conflated the OPs author ROBERT Spencer, with the notorious Nazi RICHARD Spencer. It appears others have done the same. Apologies.

[Richard, NOT Robert. Both are public figures - however, one is a monstrous Nazi, the other is a right of center author] Spencer is a well known, notorious public racist and Nazi.

His whole “Hail Trump” bit with his followers doing the Nazi salute - he knew full well what he was doing and saying. Also his habit of calling the press the “lugenpresse”. He knows full well he evokes these Nazi slogans and imagery.

Stay far away from him. He’s a great example of why far right political ideology is a severe perversion of a charitable political ideology compatible with Catholic social teaching.



That changes everything.

Richard Spencer is, as you said, a far right Nazi lunatic.

Robert Spencer on the other hand is a well respected author with a slight right wing political bent.

The former is promoting unmitigated evil.

The latter is just a regular guy.


Is it respectful to tell the truth? If no, then you’re right, he’s disrespectful, if yes, then he is respectful.

If he is in error, we should correct Spencer, but if he speaks the truth, well then that is the basis for any dialogue.

You can’t shut down debate on the basis being disrespectful or even uncharitable. We should strive for respect and charity, and try to dialogue, but dialogue requires two parties, and many Muslims are unable or unwillingly to speak about the darker aspects of their faith.


The question is not phrased this way, and neither does it allow a “binary” response or formulation!

Peace and charity are “superior goods” and also “fruits of the Holy Spirit”. Wisdom itself, as formulated in the Bible, requires control and patience - therefore the testimony you are to give is more complex than a simplistic: “The Truth”. There are “obscure human realities”, beyond our understanding, at the origin of certain behaviors. One has to concentrate on avoiding sin and using mercy. If the “truth” causes outright offense, then be patient and charitable and dialogue will be worth it in itself, there is another human being at other side of the conversation - and that human being takes precedence over what one might consider “the truth”.


For love is above all - and that is the only truth.


Okay, let’s back up, is Robert Spencer in any way, closing the door on respectful dialogue?


Yes, but what is the relevance to Confessions of an Islamophobe?


Is this your opinion or Church teaching?


Well, he could have started by giving his book a title like:“Confessions of a Islamophiliac”.

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