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Hi I converted from being a Hare Krishna 12 years ago. I recently became involved with them again while I was going through a confused doubtful stage. How would I confess it? Would just saying I got involved with new age be enough? Also I know our priests very well through being one one the cathedral sacristan’s so I’m very nervous about this
Thanks in advance


Yes - just confess it as you describe above.



Yes, confess it. It will be a huge weight off your shoulders after you confess it. :hug3:


When it comes to confessions, are you supposed to be that vague? I mean, why not say exactly what you are confessing like you’ve just done here about Hare Krishna. Why would you have to say just been involving in New Age stuff.


Number and kind of sin. First Commandment: I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me. – Includes sins against Faith, Hope and Charity. Examples:
*] doubted, denied, or neglected any of the teachings of the Church?
*] knowingly believed any heretical, blasphemous or anti-Catholic teachings?
*] been faithful to my daily prayers?
*] been indifferent with regard to my Catholic Faith?
*] become a member of any non-Catholic religion, secret society or anti-Catholic group?
*] taken part in, not merely observed, any non-Catholic worship?
*] practiced any superstitions?
*] presumed or despaired God´s mercy?
*] given too much importance to anything over God?
*] been guilty of great irreverence in church?
*] abused the Sacraments in any way?


specificity is good, but IMHO it depends a bit on what the penitent is comfortable with. It’s better to be a bit more vague and get it confessed than to struggle over how specific one should be and perhaps not confess at all.

The important thing in the sacrament of reconciliation is to be reconciled. The specifics are somewhat less important.



“Would just saying I got involved with new age be enough”

Is that the truth? Can one call being involved with Hare Krishna to be involved with New Age?


You can go to Confession to any priest, one that doesn’t know you if you want and just tell hime exactly what you told us. He can ask questions if he thingks its necessary. Maybe you could talk to him about the “confused, doubtful stage” too. Prayers for you and God Bless, Memaw


Don’t worry, priests don’t remember what was said in confession, or at the very least, they do not let it influence their interactions or opinions of you. If they did, no priest would ever speak to me! Priests are happy to hear confessions, and unless you are confessing face to face, the vast majority of the time, they don’t even know who it is that’s confessing.


Thanks everyone for your advice I’ve decided to go to a priest who is a close friend as going to one who doesn’t know me is only an option if I went out of the diocese. The joys of working at the cathedral lol


That looks like a brilliant examination of conscious can I ask where you got it?


Thankyou for this it’s just what I needed to hear. I’m still trying to word it properly in a way I’m comfortable confessing but not leaving anything out


I mostly do confess face to face as that’s the only way I was taught so I’m more comfortable with it


I modified it, but it is based on the on a compilation called An Examination of Conscience for Adults. You can read it on the Fatima Network:

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