Confessions Wanted Please

My name is Christopher Webb and I am an artist working and living in Nova Scotia. Through my artwork I am currently exploring the theme of ‘Confession and Absolution’.

I am hoping, in the short term, to collect confessions from other Catholics. Specifically, confessions that have yet to be absolved from their Priest. I am looking for handwritten or typed confessions that will be sent via the mail (yes, regular old mail). I also do not want your return address.

Please send your confession to:

c/o Christopher Webb
111 Prospect Bay Road
Prospect Bay, Nova Scotia

Remember , do not include your return address.

Thank you for your trust and faith.

I believe this is the same fellow who put out two books of ‘every day people’ (read: not-just-catholic) confessing via mail. They are pretty funny and interesting, and sometimes sad and scary. You can find these books in the art section of your local book store, or as I saw in my local Borders, i.e. big book store.

I thought about these books after I left them, I thought about what confession I might make via post card. It’s a fantabulous idea for non-caths to get stuff off of their chests since they dont have a priest to go to. BUT I think pre-absolved Catholic confessions might be an interesting read. Certainly better than reality TV, at least we keep anonymity.

Just saying check it out – this could be someone else copying another guy’s idea!:shrug: Regardless it kept my interest!

How is this art?

hi there,

first of all, i am not that guy. he is Frank Warren, an american, who was actually looking for “secrets” written and sent to him on a postcard. the postcard he received was the art.

the confessions i hope to receive are not art. so to answer the question of how is this art? it isn’t. what i am hoping to do is base my artwork on the confessions i receive. they will be the launching point for the artwork. be it painting on canvas, or installation art.

lastly, i want to share with you a reply to an email i sent earlier today to the administrator of another site who wouldn’t let me post this call:

i am dealing with people’s, lets call them small ‘c’ confessions as opposed to the Sacrament of Confession. i do not want to interfere with this sacrament. that is why i am looking for people to share the burdens of their life before they go to a priest and take part in Confession.

this is why i am not looking for people to tell me things they have already Confessed. The thesis of this work is actually all about strengthening the argument for the importance of Confession…as opposed to just unburdening yourself to a friend of family member.

I would love to hear what you think.


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