Confidence in prayer...what exactly does this mean?

I have been praying more and more after asking Saint Paul to intercede for me and help me ‘pray unceasingly.’ I am a stay at home mother, so the ability to pray and work is important. The Lord is on my mind more and more and I also get inspirations from the Holy Spirit to pray for causes and people. I love doing His work this way. It is a wonderful grace and I thank God for it. I desire to keep going deeper.

I have recently turned my attention on little Alfie Evans and his family. I asked for the grace to pray all night and when I was sleeping I was able to do so (at least I was aware of it at times in the night—Hail Marys are what I prayed). The more I pray for the little one Alfie, the more I love him. (I am consecrated to the Blessed Mother via St Louis de Montfort method)

Anyway, I am praying for his healing and transfer to a hospital in Italy that wants him to live. I want to be confident that my prayer will be granted, but I also don’t want to presume I know the outcome.
How does one balance this? Blessed Solanus Casey said that ‘confidence is the soul of prayer.’ I believe God is good, that He hears my prayers, that He loves me and those I pray for. Is there more? Can I be confident that Alfie will live and go to Italy?
Imaculee said she prayed and envisioned her deliverance from hiding. She prayed and envisioned her working for the UN.

Jesus told us to have enough faith to move mountains.

Someone help me please.
Thank you.

Thank you for sharing. It is always encouraging to hear about a person who prays and how she prays.

As for confidence in prayer - the answer is more or less standard - God hears our prayer. When we pray to Him, He will hear it. He may not always grant it according to how we specifically like it, but his grace is always available for us, but sometimes in ways we do not understand.

God bless you.


Confidence in prayer is as Reuben has stated. We know the Lord hears all our prayers esp. when we pray for others. When praying for the good and welfare of others it is even more powerful. The Lord answeres as He will. What the UK is doing is outright euthanasia. I am sure the Lord is not pleased with that. But if it comes to pass I am sure the Lord has a special place for another Little Angel. Be confident in that.


I’ve been pondering this “confidence” thing a bit too. I heard or read something to the effect of when Catholics pray, we are all like “God grant this if it be your will” but when some Protestants pray it is more like, “God, I have faith and I KNOW you are going to take care of this situation”.

I think Blessed Solanus and other saints had great confidence in God to just take care of a situation because they were so close to God. Those of us who have not yet achieved that sort of communing with God that Blessed Solanus did might be less confident.

In any event, I am sure that God will take care of Alfie Evans one way or another. Either he will heal the boy or allow him to finally go for treatment or he will take Alfie to heaven. Alfie will be all right regardless of what happens.

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