Confinement diary. For pandemic prevention

For people confine at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, or interested in lerning how life is when a country has stopped his activity and the majority of people are called to stay at home, woking at distance or put to temporary unployment. I open this post.

The last dramatic epidemic we had was the spanish flu (a bird fu), more than a century ago, that had killed 1/4 of Europeans.
We never had in France, such measures taken by a governement, not even duing WWII.

Friday March 13 was the last day of school and university decided by the government. It does not impact my life directly, as a stay at home and homeschooling mother nor my child.

Saturday 14 we had the president on the TV that precised some new hard measures.

Sunday 15 was the first day without any masses in all the country. The churches has been said to stay openened. The only mass in our diocese was done with closed doors no faithfull people at all and viodeotaped and put online onthe diocese website. The bishop ask catholics for family devotions such as the rosary. People who watch it said the emptiness was impressive (I didn’t).

BUT it was an election day, so I voted and see a lot of people in the street. (what a logic…)

It was a bright day.

We also received homeschooling friends. (my selfish decision to not canceled). Is the virus in the area? We had no idea…

Monday 16 last day of work for my husband. He is a teacher and prepared lessons and homework to send to the students (by postmail).
He did groceries and take a lot of food to prepare for the confinement.
A lot of people did their groceries with a predilection for toilet paper (…).

I made search on articles on the coronavrius and become much more aware of the danger. 3 official cases in our diocese. Does that mean one hundred of infected people? Not sure…

Tueday 17 We had stricters rules. “confinement total” since 12 am.
the Governement send us text messages on our cell phone to explain the new rules.

We need a paper written in due form to explain why we go outside the house (only for necessity reason, such as food groceries, or to walk the dog or exercice alone). We should stay at 1 meter minimum of othe people.
My husband post some mails before it was too late. We are prepared to stay inside the house and in the garden.
I have my paramedical appointments by phone now.

A case of coronavirus is suspected among my husband’s coworker.

Wednesday 18 the first day with all four without going outside the home at all.

What I noticed is the calm in the streets. I see the neighboors in their outside propriety, they made work and garderning sometimes someone walking but no more.
The end of night it was usually busy in the road. I know heard only the silence. What a change!

people respected rules, as the epidemic progress.

We still hmeschooled ad try to find balance with all four at home.

Is anyone want to share experience?

I took a drive last night, and though we are no where near the restrictions you have, @Anicette, the traffic was light, and parking lots were fairly empty. It reminded me of being out on Christmas when everyone is home with their families and stores are closed.



Do you have mandtate restrictions, only advise or the people refrained their social life by themselves?
Are the rules local or national? What they are?

Different rules by state sort of, but mostly about businesses that are still open. Restaurants and bars are closed except for drive thru pick up of food. Food stores have shortened hours of business. Some stores are calling for restrictions of the number of items you can buy.

There are no curfews that I know of. The government has asked for less socializing, smaller groups, but no enforcement by police or anything like that. At least not to my knowledge.

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Thanks you.

To add:

We are forbidden to be gather in more than 5 people groups.

Religious ceremonies that are not an emergency are cancealed.

We have a friend that died recently. Last weekend we think that we still have the possibility to attempt.
But not. Only his two sons are allowed to, despite him haing large extended family and even a grandchild. I undesrtand even if it hurts a lot.
(and no religious ceremony despite him being a Catholic that was proud of his religious upbringing. I don’t think it is only because of the virus but because of the lack of religion from his sons. But maybe without the virus, their will be more time and opportunity to contact his extended family that may have a weigt in the balance… So sad).

The Godmother of my child planned to baptized her child soon. She probably need to cancealed, unless the confinement would be ended before.

The governement ask today for blood donations that have plundged since the confinement.

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You are in France, Anicette?

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Yes in France.

A country badly impact by the virus, but the Italian situation is by far, more catastrophic. They even had to choose between what patients they treated and what patient they left to die.
We have this exemple, that’s why the governement decided strict confinement to relieve the health system.

The pandemic has already done more victims in Europe than in Asia. Thanks for the authoritarian communist governement China had been able to stop the epidemy by radical measures of confinement in very populated area…

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Praying for France, and for you and your family, Anicette!


I am in Seattle; 65 people have died so far in the area.

We are asked to stay home, especially those at risk. All restaurants, bars, theaters, and places of entertainment are closed, Schools are closed; Teachers are sending homework via internet. Stores were packed yesterday when I went, and I wish I hadn’t gone, though I wore a mask. Staples are in short supply, such as toilet paper, frijoles (pinto beans), and rice. Churches in our diocese are not celebrating public masses, though they are open for private worship.

This is very unusual, and feels surreal. I am having a hard time coping with my 6 year old grandson, who doesn’t understand our concerns and wants to go somewhere. I take him for bike rides and walks.
Praying for all affected by the situation, and those in other countries.

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We ordered takeout from a friend’s restaurant. All restaurants are closed for dining in. Only our friend, his wife and mother were working. As soon as the food is mostly gone they will completely close since there’s not enough takeout business to bother ordering more food. All the other shops in the area were closed, except for Target and the Giant grocery store. They’ve restricted their hours. Very little traffic in the area.
We went for a walk in the park yesterday. There were a few dozen others their getting exercise, but easily kept distance from each other. No kids were on the playground, which was really unusual for such a nice day.

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Thanks you Annie!

I pray that the epidemic does not speard too much in the US and elsewhere (particularly in Africa)!

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Thanks for your replies!

@Viki63, same here in our store at the last visit with toilet paper. Is this a repiratory pandemic or gastric one?
More seriousely i think people make stock because they know that the restrictions for going out would be long…

We can’t go ouside to bike. We should walk on our feet (eventually running) but should stay on the close area of our home and the walk should not last more than 20 minutes.

In some areas, beaches are forbidden.

Offenders are fined.

My child understand very well the situation but she don’t like to go outside anyway!

@Convert3, here all the restaurants and cafés are closed even takeout. As far as now our upermarket had not resticted hours of opening. But the our local market (2 times a week) is suspende because of the difficult waste collection after it.

Our parks’s city are closed.

@Prophet-of-Doom, France has now closed her borders even inside European Union and Schengen space.

20 March,

We are still not gone outside since tuesday. Children since last saturday- one week ago. But my husband should go to make groceries saturday.
The market is closed. The sad irony is that on the TV today is that vegetabls and fuits producers complained because they cannot sell their stock because people buy long sel life food…

he has accepted his employeer’s proposition to supervised the children of health professionals. Schools offer a minimal service for them because they should go at work for obvious reasons! he don’t know when he would have to go…

The possibility of a harder confimement is raised by the governement because maybe people feel like they are in holidays and don’t respect the rules/ Some beaces become forbidden, and some cities such as Nice want to instaure a curfew- if the administration above accept it.

Birthing classes are suspended in all the county…

We have the chance to live in a region that is little impacted by the virus.

However, I am a little ill now and i am afraid that someone else get it- and afte become more brittle if he catches the virus…

I realize that It is an handicap to not have a general practice physician because all the consultations now need to be done by him, at distance and not in hospital emergencies…

It’s my understanding that after some Lombardy area textile companies were bought by individuals from Wuhan Province, employees who actually lived in Wuhan went back and forth between the two countries, exposing the residents of Lombardy.

We don’t know when Wuhan Province officials discovered that they had a problem that could escalate, but I’m understanding that after realizing it, they tried to keep it quiet. Meanwhile, it was being traipsed into the Lombardy area each day, so many people were exposed before the first case was identified in Italy.

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So crazy, seems like so much is falling apart: no birthing classes? Do they think the babies will wait?

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Obviously not. But babies were being born long before birthing classes became a thing.

And there’s YouTube.


I agree with you @Annie.

No, of course sadly babies would be born without birth classes. It is collective classes so much more risk of infection.
Each not medically urgent needs are supressed. In gynecology and obsteric it is difficult, so all not urgent appointments is suppressed (for eg outdated pills prescriptions are now accepted in pharmacies) but the medical following of pregnancies is maintained. Births classes are considered “superficial”. The mother and child left the hospital more premature, visit from siblings are fobidden and the presence of the father very limit or fobidden (including for th birth).

The consequence? I think that the birth plan of mothers would not be considered a lot and mothers woud be more pressure on having epidural and less listened in medical choices because of satured medical staff and in the name of precautious principle. I anticipated that rate of breastfeeding would plunged this year because of les support by medical staff.
Experienced mothers would be less impacted than first time one…

I read in the newspaper that in the East, a high level maternity hospital (Strasboug) only keep mothers who had the developped the virus and high risk pregnancies. They are enough occupied with them. All the others women are directed to others hospitals fo the delivery.

True @Convert3, but I think the consequence would be more medical births because of less informed mothers and less choice given by the staff…

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Continued prayers… I am so sorry to hear the news from Europe.

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March Saturday 21,

My husband had difficulty to start the car. We hadn’t used it for 4 days! It is unusual for us but shameful if we consider car’s impact on the envionment. he had to drive one hour to rload the battery. This confinement indicate that we need to make some works on the car and that’s why we try to avoid for years…

Our little supermarket was short in supply. There was a stock rupture on some products such as butter pasta, toilet paper and DIY material (closed DIY stores).
The baker’s wife was wearing a mask. A priviledge given the lack of masks for health staff!

My husband desist himself to supervised heath staff’s children. rational or not, he is afraid of the virus and worry for our children. We had a discussion before he accepted and he was insisting that it is a due to care for children of hopital staff because we need them at work… What a change…

We have news of our friends. They are all at home working at distance (husbands) and taking care of the children. One said she was exhauted. That makes me thinking of why we all work in workplaces if it is so easy to work from home… And why homeschooling is so marginal in our country…

Sunday 22,

No mass, but I watch more or less the mass on the public TV! The oldest program of our national TV!
It was on the studio, 4 priests that keep 1 meter of distance between each other and two technicians. Nobody else.
My daughter choosed and I printed religious coloring, and she done it like in mass…

My husband was working all the weekend, closed in the veranda. We are happy that it is not winter, because he would have become mad with the children’s noise in the living room!

he made me relecture his work to correct grammar. I was annoyed because, someone with a master’s degree in the field he teaches I am very concerned with details. When he writted to students that Scaraments are baptism, confirmation, marriage and funeral I said it is not true. I give him the correct answer. he was angry of course and don’t want to change the answer because it is what is written in the student’s book. And no if it is writting, it is what he would teach false or true. I just changes the definition of confirmation because he had confused with “communion”. i know it is not my business, but what to do? Is teaching something false is ethical? but I leaved it there, and try to not worry about it.

I don’t like that he was working sunday morning and raised him concern that when situation would go back to normal we should go to mass. He becames angry and said that work is a priority over mass…
Makes me worry for our family and for the Church. Would people would go back to the old habit of going to mass after?

We start to lack firewood. But we would not call our sailor becore the end of the confinement, we would use fossile energy. The gas’s bottle for cooking is empty…So we would need to go to the store more quicker than excepted…


Thanks you!

I don’t verify but it makes sense.

There is a lot of textiles industry in Italy, including underground chinese’s one. A lot of cheap Italian clothes are sold on our markets.

And the recent commercial agreements between China and Italy probably makes the links stronger…

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