Confinement diary. For pandemic prevention

Oh, Anicette, it sounds like you are having a hard time right now. The lack of eggs must make you so sad for your daughter!

Were you able to get glasses?

I will pray for you and your family, I wish I could do something else as well. It is Mother’s Day here in the US: Happy Mother’s Day to you: i know you are doing so well with your little ones!

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Thanks you Annie!
This year Mother’s day is June 7 for us.

I have ben able to get glasses, I had not a lot of choices in design. Need to be more carefull the next time, as it is expensive!

My husband bought a cake a a few presents for her. I wraped them in newspaper for the surprise. She was happy!


How wonderful! I know that when our children are happy, it makes us happy, so I am happy for your family that your husband was able to find the “necessities” for her birthday.

And I am glad you were able to find glasses, even if they are not beautiful.

I hope your opening up goes smoothly!

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Saturday 16 May,

As we can mooved up to 100 km to bird fly, a grandfather come to visit us to help my husband around the garden. First time since a lon time we received or see someone, apart speaking to ours neighboors from our garden.

It was the first time since many months my husband and me go out together, and without the children to a small groceries. We were masks and we noticed that almost everybody were wearing them! What an evolution!
In shops we are often ask to use their deinfectant for hands and masks are a mandate for some shops. The traffic and number of customers in a shop is reguled.

Monday 18 May,

Step two of school starting again. My husband will have his students tomorrow.

He goes to work with a cloth mask and then after wear a surgical mask provide by his work. It is an hospital settings, so they need to be carefull.

These week we complete our cloth mask’s stock. Apart from the one mask made by our neighboor, I bought three in a pharmacy, the town provide us four and a friend offer us to create two for my husband and will send them by post mail.

I was able to take an appointment to the toy library. All is done for that we don’t met another person apart the animator. Due to the circunstances I was able to take more games for my daughter than usual. What a change. No luck, we already lost a small acorn from a game! Gr!

Thursday 20 May,
We had planned to visit my family. 103 kms at bird fly! Yes, I now it is illegal…
But no luck (or more luck as it prevent us from doing an illegal thing?), we would not be able to see them. My father is confined at home since he met a friend who is a Coronavirus’s suspect!
all the people who had been in contact with this patient and all the people who had contact with someone who had contact with this patient should be confined. Many people…they are waiting for the testing that would said if she is infected or not to maybe come back to more normal life.

I hope that this person doesn’t catch the virus as she is not in a good health. But if it is not the virus, what illness is it, something worst?

I naively thought that the virus was not on the radars anymore… I was wrong.

We planned to see a family of friends some 80km away instead. We met them for the Baptism of our last one, in december, but I regularly talk on the phone with my friend who is a faithful one, including in the horrible emotional time since my breakup.

Ascension Day,

We watched (to be fair, I don’t listen a lot) the ascension mass on the public TV. It was filmed from a confined Switzerland church. They speak mostly in Italian, and the TV translated on voice off.

My son plunged again with his food problem. I became desesperate. I resigned myslef to call for help, but because of the virus, this structure is closed. Never mind, I will take another appointment with the hospital pediatrician and nutritionist but I know it would not solve his food strike. I am very fortunate that I breastfeed him.

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Sunday 24 may,

Yesterday I learned a big new on the radio around 12 am. The governement decided to ALLOW TO START AGAIN MASSES with a limited number of faithfull!
It will started the next day! What a shock, what a rush!

But due to me going of bed too late, and the fact that the numbers of people are limited, we stayed at home, watching the confined mass from Belgium.

Monday 25 may,

First time we made a walk outside the house with the children since the confinement!

Finally the friend had not the coronavirus, so my family and all the chain is deconfined. We will able to met them for Pentecost weekend.

This weekend we visited some friends for the first time since all the sanitary crisis. We made a couple’s walk while our friends took care of our children. It was a bright day and we were surprised to see so many people who are walking or riding in the side of the river. We were the only to wear a mask, but fortunately, apart from the beginning we don’t cross too many people.

The newspaper were showing photographies of a beach full of people lying or sitting on the sand on their towel…despite the prohibition. Many beaches are opening again, but the mandate is to moove, not to squat.

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How wonderful that things are opening up for you! I hope you can get to Mass soon! And prayers for your son’s food strike!

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thanks you Annie!

I want to go for Pentecost mass!

My son currently eat a little more but it is always difficult, yet he is healthy boy.

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