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I am 20 and have been considering getting confirmed for two years, now I am sure I want to do so. I am not sure that I will be able to due to the fact that I am living with my partner. Due to financial issues, we are unable to live separately. We are both students and have very little money, we wouldn’t be able to go to university if we weren’t living together. We both practice chastity and look forward to getting confirmed.

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If this is truly the case (based in the Church’s definition of chastity), there should be no barrier to confirmation. Please speak to a priest.


YOU definitely need to talk to a Priest about this. My niece is about to be married. She received all of her Sacraments through her life. Her future hubby (who she has been living with) was only baptized Catholic nothing else after that. They want to be married in the Catholic Church so he is receiving instruction by the Priest before their wedding. He will make his first Confession, First Communion and Confirmation before their marriage but here is the part Father made clear to them since they want to be married in the Catholic Church and he wants to receive all of the Sacraments before that they MUST live separately and they are now doing so until the wedding. Just don’t be surprised if this is required because that is how it is supposed to be.


Talk to your pastor about this.

In general the “no way except living together” rationale rings hollow when you start to brainstorm all the ways you could NOT live together and still attend school— and these ways are numerous when you really get down to it. In some specific cases there may be a real, substantive reason to live under the same roof. This is a matter of prudence.

“Cohabitation” as the Church means the term with respect to the sixth commandment means a sexual relationship, not merely roommates.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your pastor about getting confirmed, including your living arrangements.


You can get confirmed. You do that after confession which requires a firm purpose of amendment. If nothing else, if this is a serious relationship, you are putting yourself and your partner in the proximate occasion of sin. You would have to have very strict rules, no touching for example, and strong will to stay chase and pure. Practice heroic virtue on the way to holiness! Good luck with your schooling!


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