Confirmation and Matrimony


Part of the problem here is that people are quoting and interpreting Canon Law who have no business doing so.

I am in the exact same position as you are, my husband was baptized Catholic as an adult by a Dominican priest at his parents’ parish, was not confirmed, and we were married. We are validly married. The priest who married us knew he was not confirmed. Now, my husband does not want to be confirmed, I cannot force him.

What is done in practice is not always what is written, and what is written requires interpretation by those who are qualified to interpret, and the determination of what is grave inconvenience is up to the priest or bishop, not some poster on a message board.

And to another poster who stated the priest must have been treating him as a non-Catholic, that is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard. The poster was not even there, has no clue as to what the priest was thinking, and such a thing is not possible if one is baptized as a Catholic.


It is very unlikely that a priest or deacon would not witness the marriage because of confirmation. The exception is there for a good reason. Most adult confirmations are done one a year by the bishop either on Pentecost or in the Easter Season. This can be a great inconvience.
I can encorage someone to be confirmed and do so. There are other things to debate, leave this up to the pastoral decision of the clergy.

Deacon Frank


=marypat435;11321207]I’ve noticed that sometimes young people are not receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation if they attend public schools. When I was young, we were confirmed at age 7, which I think is a good idea. The grace of this Sacrament is so important, and the younger children aren’t so resistant. The teenagers often are just not interested, and the parents are not very enthusiastic either.
This is a time when we definitely need the grace of the sacrament. Teenagers are bombarded with so many temptations. I am concerned that this may be a prelude to them leaving the Church. When these young people grow up and want to get married, they often focus on the secular festivities, the dress, the reception, etc, and don’t give the SACRAMENT a thought. It’s a very sad situation. If the young people decide to get married and don’t want to go through the effort of being confirmed, they sometimes just decide to get married outside the Church, and don’t even realize that this is a problem.
It’s true that we’re suffering a crisis in catechesis, but the deeper problem is that so many people are nominally Catholic, and don’t even care about what is really important.
The million-dollar question–How do we get people to CARE?

In the end, its up to od and His graces.

But what we CAN and SHOULD be doing is:

Know WELL our Faith. What we believe and WHY we believe it.:slight_smile:

Live it fully and publically [be the lamp on the hill]

Share it whenever God gives us the opportunity to do so

Defend it in charity with facts when needed:thumbsup:

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