Confirmation by Proxy?


Sorry this may not be the right board to post this question but this is the board I’m most active on. Anyway I don’t have RCIA till Thursday night and retreat Saturday so i thought I would ask you. I will be fully initiated/confirmed this Sunday- Yeah!!! Someone last night asked if the Bishop would be here and I said I thought the Bishop had to do the confirmation, but the person I spoke to last night said no they can do it by proxy? What is that. I will ask the Deacon tomorrow night at RCIA but I am an impatient person and thought I would ask here. I just assumed the Bishop was coming and maybe he is not. So my question what is confirmation by proxy?


not exactly
the bishop can delegate another priest to confirm, the delegation is not a general blanket one, but just for the specific occasion.
the priest who baptizes at the Easter vigil following the RCIA rites has the faculty to confirm at the same time, and indeed must confirm (unless the bishop has reserved that to himself).

:proxy’ usually refers to the candidate or sponsor. yes a sponsor can be represented by a proxy, but the candidate must be personally present.


Well I definitely intend to be present and also my sponsor. (and Family- PS Hubby started RCIA last Tuesday. College Daughter will be attending with him after her Tuesday Night class finishes for the semester and my boys are in Childrens RCIA and will be baptised hopefully in January),

However, since no specific mention of the Bishop coming for our November confirmation has been made I guess it will probably be done just by the Parish priest. That is fine by me. it would be nice to be confirmed by the Bishop but I much rather be in full communion now, than wait till Easter.

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