Confirmation gift (and other items along the way...)


My god daughter and I have our first Confirmation Candidate/ Sponsor event in a week or so - just a general meeting about the program. I plan to take her out for dinner after the meeting. :)

While my own children have been confirmed, I have never been a sponsor. What kinds of things make good Confirmation gifts, as well as little things I could give her along the way? (Of course, spending time together is more important than material things.)

She comes from a large, well formed Catholic family.


If she likes to read - how about a Catholic Devotional Book or something by a contemporary Catholic author?? Or if she wears jewelry, maybe a cross or crucifix necklace or maybe a Saint medal. The Miraculous Medal comes in many pretty designs.

I would assume she might already have a Rosary, but there's nothing wrong with having more than one - maybe a Rosary with an icon of the Holy Spirit Dove as the centerpiece??

I still carry a pocket token with a beautiful spirit verse inscribed, that was a gift upon my Confirmation from a fellow parishioner.

Hope you have great luck finding something :)

~~Prairie Rose


Pray the Rosary!
Pray the ‘Come Holy Spirit’ prayer
Encourage her to ask the Holy Spirit on her Confirmation especially for one of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Go to weekly Eucharistic Adoration if your parish offers it
Go to Confession together regularly


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