Confirmation gift for son

Hi ,new member here! :slight_smile: Glad to have found this website! I have a question about Catholic confirmation gift giving. I am a Protestant and my husband is a non-practicing Catholic. His son, my step-son, is going to be confirmed over Easter in the Catholic church. I am wondering what the parent/step-parent should get their son (he is 22 years old) for his confirmation. What is appropriate? :confused: We are very close as a family even though we do not practice his religion. Any suggestions out there? Thanks, Tamera

Hello Tamera :wave: there are some new Catholic Bibles out there…a bible is a life long gift that one can always add a rememberance of Confirmation message to as a keepsake.
Any good Catholic book store will have the newer answer bibles. older leather covered ones and other Confirmation gifts as well etc.
One bible especially for younger folks is…
God Bless You,

Thank you so much, Catherine. :thumbsup: You have been a tremendous help to me! I know that the Bible that my own parents gave me as a baptismal gift meant a lot to me and I still have it to this day. Thank you! :blessyou: Tamera

You could get him a really nice religious medal. Does he have a particular saint that he especially likes? What kind of work does he do? There is a patron saint for just about everything.


If he has not already received a bible and catechism from his Church those are the first choices

Catholic youth Bible from Saint Mary’s Press is a good choice, either NAB or NRSV translation, about $28 more for hardcover.

Catholic Catechism for Adults from the USCCB website, $25 is a great catechism that will be useful all through life

Daily Roman Missal (about $40-50) or a subscription to Magnificat Magazine ($39/year) until the new revisions of the missal are available is what I tell parents for a first choice.

Shorter Christian Prayer $15-18 depending on binding, good start on the Liturgy of the Hours

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