Confirmation gift for younger brother (I'm his sponsor)

I am my younger brother’s sponsor for his Confirmation. I do not know what to get him. Although I believe that he loves God and wants to get confirmed, he doesn’t really take Catholicism too seriously. I have tried, as his sponsor, to at least get him more interested in the Faith.

I’m having trouble picking out a gift. A saint medal, miraculous medal, or scapular are the first things that pop into my head, but I know he would not wear those. He would not read a book either. I want to get him something religious, but I don’t have any idea what to get. Any ideas would be helpful.

How about religious pictures to hang on the wall? Like a Crucifix or a Saint? And there is a book called “100 Things Every Catholic Teen Should Know” by Mark Hart and Todd Lemieux that is written in a very easy to read question and answer format that would be great for someone who doesn’t like to read extensively.

And I know this isn’t what you asked, but if he isn’t interested in the faith, why is he being Confirmed? Seeing that’s what the Sacrament is taught to be about now days. Although I would disagree and say that the Sacrament of Confirmation helps you to develop a love for the faith, not the other way around.

You might want to give him a medal anyways, if that’s the first thing you thought of. Even if he doesn’t wear it now, he might come around later in his life.

I have a few religious items that were given as gifts to me for first communion and confirmation, and I really didn’t think much of at the time when I was a kid. Over the years, I’ve lost some of them. Now that I am more serious about my faith, I very much treasure the ones I still have.

Sometimes a good gift needs some time to “age” properly. :slight_smile:

A medal and a DVD of Father Stan Fortuna’s explaination of the Mass

I am sponsoring my younger brother also an plan to purchase him a Douay-Rheims translation bible with Challoner’s revisions and notes, which are useful in explaining, understanding and defending the faith.

you may want to give a crucifix or a dove pin since as we all know through Christ and the Holy Spirit your younger brother will become true soldiers of the Church receiving the gifts and the fruits of the Holy Spirit but one things for sure you must also guide him through being a good defender of the Catholic Faith you may also give him a “my first Cathecism” for Children or a Bible :slight_smile:

I plan on starting RCIA in September and im not sure if I should do it with my brother or if i should do it alone now and sponsor my brother the year after. Im trying to convince him to go to a catholic high school next year but he is so stubborn. He is very shy and doesnt communicate well with people he doesnt know too well. He also has aspergers syndrome and he gets frustrated easily and that kind of stuff. I am teaching him all that i know about the faith now but he isnt too interested in it at all. I think that if he were to take a religion class in a catholic high school he might have a better learning environment than if he were in a public school. I would have to convince my mother but i dont think shed mind too much

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