Confirmation Gift Ideas?


Hi everyone,

The girl I'm confirmation sponsoring is Confirming soon, and I really want to get her something special. She went to Catholic school with me, so she probably has enough rosaries and medals to stock her own Church! ;), but I made her a cord rosary bracelet with a Miraculous Medal. Her Confirmation name is Mary because Mary has been a big part of her life. She is a really glamorous, feminine kind of girl. Do you have any suggestions on something special that I could get her? Thanks!



It sounds like the braclet is already special, you can’t get more special than a Miraculous Medal. A blessed crucifix would be nice. That is what I usually give to graduates, so they have something blessed in their rooms.


In addition to the bracelet, which sounds perfect, I’d get her a book like Catholicism for Dummies which can provide a lot of answers as she continues to grow in her faith.


Since she is so devoted to Mary, you could get her books by St. Louis de Montfort.


Perhaps a book of prayers that include all of the basics, special prayers, and also novenas. I have one that is my “go to” book for everything. A book about saints and what they are the patron saint of is very helpful too.


I make and sell rosaries with a modern touch with girls like you’re sponsoring in mind - I don’t think I’m allowed to post the url, but feel free to message me if you want to have a look :slight_smile:


A framed pic of ones confirmation saint is always a nice gift.


I’m really not too sure if the bracelet I made can actually be worn as a bracelet now that I’m looking at it…It doesn’t fit me and I have pretty small wrists. Do you think I should cut the MM and crucifix (it’s not blessed) and try and make another? Or my aunt made me some really cute fashionable necklaces with religious medals attached…I could go to her house and ask her to help me make one for her over Easter break. What do yall think? I’ve given the girl little prayer books because I love giving out prayer books and holy cards.



A Rosary, a nice one.


I’m the sponsor of 2 young ladies this year, one 13, one 17. How old is your confirmation candidate? For both, I bought a pocket size New Testament that has days assigned to passages. (It’s for readers to read a small bit of the bible every day and not get overwhelmed by feeling like they need to read a lot at once.) For the younger one, I also bought a pretty statuette of Our Lady and for the older candidate I bought a book about a true story of faith. I wanted to help her see how faith can be a part of person’s life in a real and modern way. It was this book if you were interested:


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